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There's a possibility that at some stage in the future the monarchy may be restored in Russia. What sort of monarchy is a very open question.
Ooops! There is de facto monarchy in Russia with well known Tsar.
Unless you mean his eminence Vlad the Bad, they are not actually sitting are they?
Ugly face of Putin's Mordor is shown again.
A prominent NGO that tracks abuses in Russia’s prison system says it has received “thousands” of leaked video clips showing inmates being beaten and tortured by guards in several prisons across the country.

“This is an unprecedented leak that will send shockwaves across the country. In total we have over 40 gigabytes of files showing widespread torture,” Vladimir Osechkin, the founder of the rights group, told The Moscow Times in a phone interview.

On Wednesday, published on its Youtube channel new footage reportedely showing prisoners being beaten and tortured. said the footage was made at the prison hospital in Saratov and at prisons in the Belgorod and Kamchatka regions.

Later on Wednesday the Federal Prison Service (FSIN) announced that it had fired the head of the Saratov prison service, along with three regional staff and the head doctor of the prison. also shared footage allegedly recorded at the same Saratov prison with The Moscow Times that shows several people using a large object to rape a naked man who is tied to a bed.

Russian prosecutors said on October 5 that they had launched a preliminary investigation into the videos already released by Osechkin, while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov promised a "serious" probe if the incidents depicted in the clips turn out to be genuine.
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Plus ca change...........
Ugly face of Putin's Mordor is shown again.

So more accidents from balconies and dodgy perfume bottles.
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He meant those who reported this.
He meant those who reported this.
The man who collected about 1000 of videos with torture is far away from Russia and now seeks political asylum.
Bandits in Putin's special services are spotted.
Two FSB officers Alexander Mrischuk and Anton Baryakshev are accused of creating a criminal group ... for committing robberies and other crimes.
Previously, 2 years ago
FSB Alpha special forces leader fired as subordinates face bank robbery charges
Russia is run as a giant organised crime gang. Moscow doesn't like its minions overstepping the mark with personal side operations.
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Sky News are planning to do quite a lot of Russia tomorrow (Saturday 23rd) if you feel like tuning in. It's off the back of a moderately assertive interview with Christopher Steele (apologies for cross-posting with the Steele thread).

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