Dedicated Russian thread

I will.. crack on, that is.
Feel free, if you actually answer the points that is.
Enjoy your visions of faded glory as you and the naval staff plan to re-fight Jutland somewhere off Indonesia,
As opposed to ferrying aircraft from northern Russia to the eastern Med? As for ‘faded glory’, I think your mate Vlad has that particular bug
until the next defence cuts when the whole thing gets rebranded as fisheries protection. Ta Ra. X
How much is Russia’s defence budget reducing this year?
Not sure that expressing approval of bombing terrorists is exactly trademark leftard behaviour. Go and have a think about it for a bit.
Maybe you can quote where you've approved? You seem to spend most of your time on this site trolling & getting laughed at.

E2a: And bashing the mong button you sad little man.
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Am I? News to me... tell me more. You should be on the Int Cell...
I thought you said ‘Goodbye’?

That’s what the suggestion was re a former handle. I assume you’re denying it?

It doesn’t bother me either way whether you were or not. But having seen your posts on the three threads I can see why the suggestion was made.

Anyway, anything on Russia? Just to keep it on topic that is
Thats terrible, insulting Oirish independence. The only sad thing about that is now they have it they still hang about like a bad smell....
Or maybe try and interpret what has been said rather than what you think has been said.

Try using your normal Avatar .

Ta Ra for now.
Anything on Russia? Well. Yes. I suggest you dont get in a war with them because I think you will get badly hurt. I hope this assists.
That’s a funny ‘Goodbye’

No desire to get into a war with Russia. But then they do like stealing parts of neighbours and calling them their own. I suppose you’d be happy with the re-emergence of the CCCP irrespective of the views of the inhabitants of those countries?
Anything on Russia? Well. Yes. I suggest you dont get in a war with them because I think you will get badly hurt. I hope this assists.
Hello again. I did my Ta Ras and am back. Which bit of the North do you come from or are you just using the phrase for effect.

Please outline your thoughts on Russian capability v our own as part of an alliance. Obviously, a nuclear exchange is not advisable but outline how Ru would badly hurt us .
I think you will find that Crimea was historically part of Russia and not the Ukraine
I think you need to read some history. The Greeks and Turks have a claim as well. Nothing on Transnistria or S Ossetia.
if you take the trouble to read some history and not swallow the drivel on the front page of the Daily Mail.
Who reads the Daily Mail?

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