Dedicated ICSC(L) Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bad CO has agreed to me caring for the ICSC(L) Board for the period of ICSC(L) 3 which is 'hidden'. If you wish to see it please pm me with your real name and I will give you the power of sight that you have been lacking. In return I will give you my real name, fair's fair. The reason I need actual names is clear - it's prime hunting ground for all sorts of nutters, walts, maniacs and everything in-between. This policy is in-place for the ACSC 9 and ICSC(L)2 board and it seems to work*.

I will authenticate your name against my special list of knowledge and then against the course nominal rolls for 3a and 3b.

*Totally unadulterated plagiarism from D_D's work.
For those of us enjoying the time between now and ICSC(L)... think on. Our future leaders want to know all about us and want us to fill in our ppps by 30 Apr (not MS PPPs but JSCSC PPPs!).

PPP reminder

If you want to know how to login pm me.

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