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Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Proximo, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. There has been a certain amount of discussion about the possibility of ICSC(L) 2 students having their own private forum here on ARRSE, similar to that provided for ACSC 9.

    I know that we have pursued this issue on other ICSC threads, but could I just have a simple show of hands to gauge interest?

    I'm in. :D
  2. Yes Please!

    (Anyone in Dunce Division out there??)

  3. Rubbish Idea
  4. Count me in.
  5. Only joking! :lol:

    Eyes down then!

    I am in Ace Div (I think - I keep picking up the letter, checking, then forgetting it again). I have yet to meet anyone in the same Div, although I might have met some A Divvers when I thought I was in D Div. I'm really struggling here...

    Anyway, enough of that, I think we can probably do without 370 (or 450?) junior majors all declaring anonomously which Div they're in! What would be much more fun is for each Syndicate to have their own thread - That way we can spread paranoia by having one public persona all day and superhero style anonymity at night. You'd spend the whole day looking suspiciously at other members of your syndicate thinking '..........mmmm, are they the weirdo with the fetishes?..........':twisted:

  6. Hang on Lord Doctrinus.....

    You want a show of hands for interest in a thread? Is this not it?

    Are you one of us?
  7. If there is not enough interest, I am sure we can survive in this forum.
  8. I know how to stir up interest - send a poison chain letter out, putting a curse on those that don't forward it to 10 of their mates :twisted:
  9. Private forum - yes please! At least we can vent our spleens in some privacy! Sorry, I meant air our constructive criticisms....
  10. Currently I would be happy with using a public forum, but it depends on how 'emotional' things get :lol:

    Anyway will Arrse be easily accessible on the Wi-fi internet access we will all have on our laptops? Or will we all need to resort to a fully-anonymous proxy server somewhere in Brazil.........
  11. Whatever flicks your switch ds..
  12. DS - we will take that discussion offline, but your point is well made. I have had some approaches from some jolly decent types who would like to be involved as well - I will keep you posted!

    Looks like we're on to a winner anyway, so wait out.
  13. Will be happy for you to contact me if you require extra moderators.
  14. Count me in - sounds good. About the only thing on the course that does mind........
  15. Oh go on then, if you must