Dedicated ARRSE problem spotters - any server type errors here please

We have just made a much needed and quite major change to the server setup which we are hoping will ease the overload problems that we run in to from time to time and that have been causing problems since the last upgrade.

The change is, for those with a bit of IT knowledge, that the web server is now in 3 parts - a load balancer server, and two web servers. The load balancer shares your page requests between the two web servers which send back what you need. This has the potential to cause all manner of problems, but particularly session problems (logged in / logged out unexpectedly / security alerts etc).

Should you, hopefully a dedicated ARRSE fault finder if you made it this far through my post, notice anything odd in the overall site server behaviour, please let us know here. That should be from now on though please - not problems earlier this afternoon. Big problems like database connectivity and complete outages we will spot, but smaller gremlins need 'guerilla testing'.

Thanks very much.

Oh finally, I would be grateful if this thread was left for this subject alone and not poluted with other bibs and bobs which can be dealt with in Bad CO's upgrade forum or existing threads

When I open the homepage I get the folowing mesage:

Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired.

Please push the back button and reload the previous window.
British Army Forum
I can get to the forums by clikcing on my logon name at the top and then the forum bar appears, but the homepage isn't accesible.

Thanks for this. A worrying sign! Can anybody else who gets this let me know, ideally with the time it happened please
As a quick update for the CO's, I've managed to force it to give me the front page by clicking the refresh button on the browser before the page has loaded, the warning message hasn't appeared at that time and it seems to reset the token (I assume), but it took a couple of attempts to get the refresh button clicked before the page loaded.

I also noticed it seemed to be loading the old homepage initially, but after hitting refresh I get the new shiney one.


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