Decrypting Pay 2000 and mobilisation


I'm trying to work out how much money I'd be on if I volunteered for Telic/Fingal and I'm getting a little confused about the system.

I'm considering jacking my civy job in so I can go (my boss understands how to prevent me from going to well thanks to the sabre site) , so the matching civvie wage system may not apply to me.

I presume I'd be on these rates of pay (FULL TIME RESERVE SERVICE – FULL COMMITMENT – 13% X-FACTOR)

So if I'm a level 3 I remain a level 3. If I get promoted do I still remain on level 3 at the next rank? I understand I should move to Level 4 when I get my bounty (i.e. its a fit for role yearly increment)

Lastly does anyone know roughly how much more (a day) do the allowances add on top of your wage (for married man)?

many thanks
Promotion is a bit more complicated than that. When (if) you get promoted you should get a minimum 2.5% increase, i.e a lance corporal on level 9 goes to about level 3 on the next range up, but one who has only been a Lance jack a year would go from range 1 level 5 to range 2 level 1 an infantry private (among others) goes from the low to the high band when promoted. You go up a level each year on the anniversary of you attestation or promotion subject to satisfactory performance. You would be better talking to th AGC bods or PSAO in your unit about allowances since they'll have the details of your personal circumstance.
step said:
should get a minimum 2.5% increase

So if I get promoted and go down to the low pay band it isn't that much of problem - instead of being a Level 1 High pay band I'd be something like a Level 3 Low pay band.

No wonder why the regs whinged so much about this system
And dont count on x-factor ,in fact dont really believe anything they tell you at chilwell.. as it all changes when u get in theatre, at least it has for myself and a few other people.
The rules for Pay on mobilisation are not as difficult as they seem. You get paid at the Regular Army rate on Pay 2000 which as the TA receive 5% X Factor means an increase of 8% per day.

In addition, you get the Call Out Gratuity, a one off tax-free payment of £445 and may be entitled to The Reserve Standard Award or Hardship Award to bring your TA earnings up to the level of your Civil Earnings and Outgoings (This includes TA Pay and Bounty in the year prior to deployment).

These rules have just been revised and come into force from 14th Apr 05, this means that the old system of ceilings based on rank have been removed and everyone is on a level footing the ceiling for all ranks is now around £200,000.

You may also be entitled to LSSA, if you meet the qualification criteria. You will be exempt food and accommodation charges as you will likely be in field conditions for the duration of mobilisation.

Your unit pay staff should be able to give you a good idea on how much you should receive - although only you have the information on your civilian earnings. The RTMC AGC(SPS) staff are the subject matter experts, and its worth giving them a call if you can get hold of the number.

Good luck
The new rules get rid of the hardship award. Pay now uplifted to match your civilian income if it exceeds your Army pay: all that is required is proof of income; expenses will no longer be relevant.

This means that if polar jacks his job in so that he can be mobilised, his civilian income will be zero (assuming he has no other income from other sources that would stop if he were mobilised and which exceeds his Army salary). So his Army salary plus the added entitlements you mention would be all he gets.

Ceiling is £300k for certain types: doctors, Elton John, etc.

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