Decree Nisi Today

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. I got my Decree Nisi today, and am celebrating by entertaining a lady in the confines of my pied a terre this good evening. I won't be drinking because I'm riding the Suzuki to Germany early doors tomorrow. I was wondering what would be a suitable celebration for when my Decree Absolute gets issued in 6 weeks time. It has been a long time and I have forgotten what I did the last time I got divorced.
  2. Watch a DVD and have a kebab whilst fiddling with yourself!
  3. That is IF your decree absolute gets issued in 6 weeks time. If she is after any assets from you - capital or income, or especially a share of your pension - she will issue proceedings and the court won't grant the absolute till the money is sorted out. Good luck!
  4. We have been really grown up about this and have already sorted all financial stuff out and all that kind of b0llocks. And the added bonus that I become a single parent in Sep when my daughter comes to live with me here in the Shot. It goes without saying that she is barred from Cheeks till she is 14.
  5. you could post all your neked pics of her and them dodgy home movies on here for us all to celebrate with you :)
  6. Glad you've got it all sorted. And nothing to do with me, but does that include a court order saying (in legal terms) "It's all sorted"? I have heard nasty stories of people coming back after a number of years saying "oh, we never sorted the money out and I'm entitled to ..."

    [Insert joke about buying your daughter "Divorced Barbie"]
  7. i think once the divorce is complete, there is no further claims on any future earnings except of course child support.
  8. it would seem that this is your second divorce, maybe you should celebrate by investing in relationship classes
  9. Nah.

    Fuck up once, fair enough, but to continue creating similar havoc in society, without the wherewithall to finance it...

    ... the Chinese have the right attitude; a little discrete van outside the court (for instant execution of a death sentence).

  10. There speaks a cnut who doesn't have a clue WTF he is on. If I do need any classes, it should be on Target Recognition. I now know that marrying because a woman has lovely t*ts is a bit daft.
    daleRoch (Are you the white man from there). Are you in the Army and if so, how long? Run a poll if you want and ask how many Army personnel are divorced.... It might have something to do with never actually being in the same country as your spouse for very long
  11. Did you have a good night celebrating, guru? Hope so.
  12. Hope you had a suitably cuddly evening.

    Oh, and have a nice trip on the Suzi this am.

    You can't be all bad, if you're a biker.

  13. WTF are you on about GURU..

    How many years with RSST ? 7 was it not . So you would have been in Germany or UK for those hardship tours. Driving around Germany picking up Det commanders for not greasing their wheel nuts or having tatty det folders - High up there with patrolling the streets that is.

    Or the 2 or 3 years sitting on yorr arrse in Italy , no deployments and a 5 day week with 1/2 days when it got hot.

    Or are you talking about the times with 264?
  14. ok ok boys enough of the legal and general advice this is the NAAFI FFS, so Guru did you wet your length, and most importantly were you any good?
    did you take pictures and can we see them? is she still in your room tied to the bed?if so can you keep her there for 2 hours and i'll pop round?
  15. Old Bloke, I believe you have me at a disadvantage, but you seem to forget the 6 years in EST. That involved being away more than a little. (Try 15 months out of 22 in the UK team) You also seem to not have a fcuking clue about RSSST (note 3 S's) and seem to be confusing it with RSIT. Believe it or not, mate, away from home is away from home, whether it is looking at stuff in Bosnia, or patrolling type stuff.

    And WRT to wick dipping, I shall retain my dignity... (no, I bloody didn't)