Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by clownfish, Jul 31, 2007.

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  1. Just heard a rumour that Military MMA is to go down from tomorrow, can't really believe it myself especially as I heard it from a civvy who hates anyone who wears a green uniform.
  2. The rate does, indeed, change tomorrow. It's about a penny a mile decrease. HDT rates are altering slightly, too, but the personal contribution is also dropping.
  3. MMA seems to work in an inverse ratio to the cost of fuel or is that just my perception of the situation?
  4. Thanks for that information, CC; I hadn't heard or seen anything. No doubt it will be buried on some website somewhere! How would we have won WW1 & 2 with "pull" technology? Would Monty's famous Order of the Day still be resting unread upon some website?

    Just paid £205 for my car tax - which is a considerable increase on last year, IIRC. So it is nice of the Ministry to drop the allowance by ~5% when the cost of motoring is still increasing, and just as I move to a job where I will be covering lots of miles! Looks like the hire car budget will get a bashing!

  5. The decrease in HDT is described as proportionate with the drop in fuel & running costs - in Fcuking Mars!
  6. Only a civvie now but.....we have been told recently that we are no longer allowed to use civvie cars to travel to temp detatched duty stations to work at PTR (0.25p per mile) so an ASM on £112.00 per day drives the main line civvies as duty driver. As Litotes quoted "website etc," cannot find any change to the Travel Manual but doubtless retrospective action is in progress. While I agree that if there are sufficient White Fleet vehicles available to carry out the task they should be used, perhaps a little prep and plan could have been employed proior to the announcement. Doh!

    You can take the man out of the Corps but you cannot take the Corps out of the matter what the price!!
  7. Found it myself now as well, document dated 3 Jul 07, strange how it has been kept so quite (not). Funny thing is Official rate has gone up, only Private Car Rate seems to have gone down
  8. Better still, my JSSU informs me that you now log MMA claims under receipt based claims in JPA :?
  9. Has there been an Op Bullitin about that.


  10. yeah your mates right, it's gone down as of today 010807, it was 26.2pence, it's now 25.06pence (i think, i wrote it down today whilst in work, and now im home i cant remember), will double check tomoz
  11. yes it's gone down to 25.06p
  12. That'll be because fuel and maintenaince costs are dropping daily then!