Decorations on Parade.

I’m all prepared for the veterans day parade, despite loads of practice I will not be able to keep up marching, so it’s the chair for me .
Decorations ;
After much thought I will wear my 2 gongs.
But I wonder if I should wear my veterans badge ?
And if so then I need your input / suggestions to the following question ,

Do I wear My Mr Potatohead pin above or below the veterans badge ?

As for the kilt, of course nothing worn beneath……..( all together now “ It’s still in perfect wor………………..) ok I’ll get me coat.

Shtill able to post even when intoxicrated Sah !
WW, Vets Badge and Mr P Head Level on the lapel??
Whatt level I'll look like a train spotter, now running for cover..


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