Decorated SAS commander is forced to quit...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TVEDU_RED, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. As reported on BBC News and in the Daily Mail amongst others...

    Dail Mail Article

    What do we think - surely it is important for a Commander to be able to lead as he see's fit, he was obviously seen to be good enough at his job to be able to command the SAS so for god's sake let him get on and command!!
  2. The pie-so tw*t was just doing for the LOA, either that or he has a seriously unhappy home-life. :D
  3. Some sources are suggesting that he is leaving because of the big salary offered by one of the security companies.
  4. This being the Telegraph
  5. Thats a typically cynical view. A man who opts to get stuck in rather than direct operations from the rear is unlikely to be the sort of character who can be financially incentivised.
  6. If we wanted to lead men in the field, should he not simply have stayed at, or returned to, a lower rank?

  7. Can't remember which paper, but one of them also brings up mendoca & Collins as examples of how MOD treats good leaders, scared of a Coup are they?
  8. Possibly, the RAF excels in the promotion of mediocrity and we haven't started a coup yet.
  9. A member of the Forces choses to leave-big deal. We all have that option and can leave for whatever reason; lack of job satisfaction, better money on the outside, not being able to do what we used to because we are too senior, old, injured or whatever. Frankly this is a non-story
  10. BBC radio actually hence the lack of a link.
  11. Agree, however add the tag of 'SAS' to the story and you have a nice juicy tit bit.
  12. The Times
  13. Fair do's Max :D

    Seems different papers, different spin

    The Telegraph (thanks to Nony Mouse for the link) has it that

  14. The Times