Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CharlieBubbles, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. I heard this week, that as from last Monday the 'Decompression' is to be a WHOLE five weeks!

    This seems better than the DAY on Cyprus we had before, perhaps the Mod are now taking seriously the effects that build up over six months fighting hard!

    Even after the Falklands the troops were sailed back over many weeks, where they could be 'Normalised' what ever that is?
  2. If this is true whats the betting that your POTL leave is included in the 5 weeks.

  3. Better? You'd LIKE to be away an extra 5 weeks after a 6 month tour in Shitsville?

    Did you also hear where they're going to put them all for 5 weeks? (I don't think Bloodhound camp can fit several thousand troops at a time 8O ).

    I wonder if that would put the whole tour length including PDT to over a year?

    I think I smell something....
  4. I thought Cyprus decompression was a good laugh
  5. I'm not sure the locals would think the same if Squaddies were let loose on them for the whole five weeks!

    But where else is there?
  6. Skegness
  7. It was, but would you be saying that after 5 extra weeks away from home???
  8. Peterborough!
  9. where did you here this CB? I'm deploying next week and haven't been told anything
  10. From a regular WO2 whose job is to send organise and send troops to Iraq and Stan.

    However, he did say it was as from last Monday the order came out.
  11. I shall speak to my Ops Offr tomorrow, but I cannot see Cyprus being too happy with the entire 16 AA Bde coming to stay for over a month. Doesn't sound quite right to me

  12. Well it MUST be true then.

    My apologies for being a Doubting Thomas

  13. Perhaps this is reference to wider aspects of Post Op Stress Management (POSM), which is made up of several different sequential elements and is already defined as having enduring relevance until at least retirement.
  14. I would hazard a guess that the decompression package as a whole will last five weeks, not for the entire Bde to stay there for this length of time.
  15. Gents,
    I thought de-compression was a lever on my Raleigh Runabout moped to enable starting of said velocipede. Substantially, it seems, I am in some wierd mo fo gung ho armour clad brethren link.
    Ah well, break open a bokkle of goat reamer I say!!