Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by philarmy, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Has anyone on here done decompression in the last 6 months? Perhaps at the end of Herrick 10. I'm just want ing a feel for what's involved and how much money to take.

    I went at the end of Herrick 10 and it was down Tunnel Beach for some beach activities (funnily enough) through the day and then a mad drink-all-you-can piss up which involved dancing on tables, slating the comedian, naked card games etc, etc followed by some handbags on the way to the accn.

    I have since heard that you are limited to €20 and 4 cans. Anyone know any different. I'm looking forward to getting wankered, myself!
  2. It varies on your unit and role... LSFO 3209 sets the guidelines. But it's deliberately flexible to support varied employment during an op tour.
  3. If you manage to get over the wire at Bloodhound camp and sneak into the George pub(vaguely remember the name) down the bottom of the hill dont go swimming in their pool as you will come out covered in sh*te
  4. Obviously not remembered from your last Op Tour eh Iron, ha ha. Long time no speak, hows your new job? I havent posted on here for ages, but your comment meant that I had to lol
  5. From my various experiences the 4 can rule is not monitored. If you're bezzering the CO, molesting a chick or getting punchy you'll probably be sent to bed, but other than that crack on. You withdraw money there (by cashing a cheque IIRC) so no worries about taking cash.
  6. Just stick to half a pint of shandy that should be plenty for you.Also take in some of the more interesting local attractions and scenery.Plenty of cultural activities will be laid on I'm sure.
  7. Like flipping turdises, and chest poking the OC
  8. Or being bummed by your OC whilst gobbling a fellow Tom. You may or may not then contact the Sun thus bringing shame and humiliation upon your unit.
  9. Now your a civvy I dont need to call you Sir anymore so kiss my hairy arse. You would be ok with decompression anyway mate as its a four can rule and your normally in the gutter by that stage :D

    Hope things are going well in Civ Div mate :relax:
  10. Don't bother, the bar was burnt down in an insurance scam.

    Stonehouse pub about 1/2 mile away in Paramali; there is also a Balti restaurant in what used to be the Paramali Station Tavern. Will also deliver!