Decommissioning Body Could Be Phased Out

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by redgrain, May 22, 2008.

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  1. Interesting, if mainly for the cost involved...

    Decommissioning Body Could Be Phased Out 05/22/08 14:56 EST

    The body set up to oversee the decommissioning of paramilitary weapons in Northern Ireland could be dissolved in under two years.

    The British government is considering the move as part of a process to put pressure on the loyalist paramilitary UDA and UVF to disarm. If the commission ceases to exist the loyalist terror groups will be treated as criminal organisations. There will be no amnesty for moving arms and weapons could be forensically tested and used as evidence.

    The international arms body, headed by General John de Chastelain, was set up in 1997. Since then it has cost nearly £9m (UDS$18.2) but this is shared by the British and Irish governments...
  2. Cheaper by far than the alternative.

    Lot of threads about Kennedy, Oirish causes and so forth cropping up so soon, and originating from parts of the US, after KevinB's so called "departure" from this forum :?
  3. Who do you think the topic starter is pyro.
  4. Pyro, I had a mate whose family was helped by the senator, so I know there is some good in the man. Also, I'm from NI, but so are many here I think.

    As to cost efficiency, if they criminalised any groups that still had weapons, at this point, that would be cost effective.
  5. A poster is only a name and sometimes an avatar and, after the shameless promotion of Boston Irish support for SF/PIRA on this forum by KevinB, I am naturally wary over the prospect of recurrence. If you read through this post, hopefully you will understand.

    Redgrain, Kennedy has played a significant part in promoting American intervention in "the troubles", following in the footsteps of his rabidly republican father. Whilst I am pleased he helped someone you know, it is difficult for me (and for many others here) who lost muckers (and saw them broken through injury) to reconcile the image of the caring man you portray with the dreadful cause he promoted. In my heart, I find it hard to express any compassion for his current terminal illness, the expression "khama" springs to mind.

    Back on topic, and actually fully in agreement with you, I cannot fault the logic that all criminals should be treated equally - including those whose murderous activities are now labelled "political statements" and are rewarded with high political office. Adams and McGuiness spring to mind, but there are many more who have profited from their past allegiances.

    £9m is very little money in real terms for the contribution that has been made. It does not buy much of an aircraft, little in terms of armament but it has at least bought everyone an opportunity.

    And if that opportunity is one for peace, development, normality and, perhaps idealistically, sectarian stability after years of lawlessness, discrimination and bigotry, then it is (IMO) a very very small price indeed to pay.

    My idealism, and perhaps my reluctance to engage in talk of people who supported the influx of cash to terrorists (Kennedy and Noraid for example), is tempered by the fact that the contributions he helped to raise killed a couple of my good mates, left their wives widows and their children without a father.

    So I'm glad your mate was helped, I'm sad that I'm denied the companionship of some of my muckers and very wary that this all happened barely five years ago. I'm still raw with grief, as are many around these parts, and there appears to be little certainty that it won't happen again.
  6. I don't think you understood me, I'm saying I would put money on redgrain being Kevinb.

    However if he refrains from gobbing off about NI, I don't see a problem.
  7. Understood, pyrogenica. I see where your feelings about Kennedy are coming from, I only thought it might be of interest to American posters, as he is a powerful US politician, which is why I put it where the post where I did (and also because I know personally of some good he had done). However, had it been any other influential American, I would have done the same.

    To the topic, in an ideal world, I agree all should be punished, but it just won't happen - the price of some kind of stability. But by now, all groups should have disarmed, and any of those that haven't should be considered criminals.
  8. Sorry mate, I did misunderstand you there :oops:

    I agree that he almost certainly is one and the same as our old friend, KevinB, and he is drawn to the subject of the US sponsorship of terrorism in the province like a moth is drawn to the light. But it is only intuition that tells me that.

    As for punishment, all criminals, past and present, should be punished equally for their crimes, there should be no exceptions. It would be naive to suggest that all those who remain armed come only from one side of the great sectarian divide.

    Anyway, it is late and those are times best forgotten.
  9. Pyrogenica, please see above. Kennedy and his relationship with the IRA are not what interested me about the man.
  10. (edited, see previous post)
  11. I believe redgrain and he are one in the same.
  12. Thank you for helping to shed some light on that issue. Given the history of deceipt, sipport for SF/PIRA and his promise to voluntarily leave this forum of his own accord, I would hope that this exposure will result in his being labelled - as previoisly agreed - or, better still, binned altogether.