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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dodgy_Dodge, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. As discussed previously, Fam visits are highly recommended and I have a number in the diary for after Christmas with Paras this weekend.

    Ideally I wish to join the Engineers given my employment history but this is the last Fam visit boked and potentially after my Main board (subject to passing.)

    Not being presumptuous but obviously I would rather be sponsored by the Engineers and unsure what other Regiments would think if I (politely) decline on the hope the Engineers offer?

    Any advice welcomed.

  2. The arguments for visiting a Regiment and getting sponsored before you go to Sandhurst are well versed. As to who sponsors you, it really doesn't matter. You can be sponsored by more than one Regiment or Corps and you don't have to make your mind up until term 2 at RMAS. Just be aware that having declined the offer of sponsorship it may be slightly awkward if you have a sudden change of heart.

    Good luck with the visits.
  3. Declining an offer of sponsorship isn't the correct thing to do. Instead you should just not accept, tell them (by letter) that you thoroughly appreciate the offer of sponsorship but you have a few other fam visits planned and will decide upon the conclusion of them all.

    I did the same thing, RA offered sponsorship and I deferred and ended up taking QRL instead. As long as you write, they don't seem to mind.
  4. That's true about who actually sponsors you (although you can only have a single sponsor) but we have been left with no doubt that on arrival at Sandhusrt, each candidate should have a clear choice of 2 Regiments/Corps as they are tightening up on the Choice of Arm process.
  5. Cheers guys good advice.

    As suggested, I will write after the visits. Although you never know may fancy abit of Tank action after the RTR.

    Thanks again