Declined Officer Entry

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Critical_Blue, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Right, won't bore you with the long story... mainly because there isn't one :?

    But anyway, I have been declined entry at officer level due to not having 180 UCAS points (I'm sure 5.56 was a more important number back in my days as a private, but tally ho...)

    Anyway, question is, is there no way out of this? I've already written a letter (about to send off) to the Recruiting & Training Division expressing my disappointment :(

    It worries me that fresh-out-of-school, 18-year-old student with A-Levels in media studies, cookery, window licking... (or whatever you tax-thieving mongs study now-a-days) is allowed to join as an officer cadet, yet an ex-TA private with 4 years experience, who's also served 3 years in neighbourhood policing... is simply told to foxtrot oscar.

    My 2 best mates are uni-students and as much as I love them for being absolute dip-shits, it scares the funk out of me knowing THEY could be leaders in the army, just because of some b0ll0cks scoring system 8O

    I've been told to apply as a soldier. Been there, done that, no thanks.

  2. go reg, pick up lance jack, when reccomended for screw, apply for sandbags. If you want it that bad you will do it.
  3. Or alternatively take some exams and then re-apply. Education is a great thing of itself. It will not be time wasted.
  4. 180 UCAS is a standard requirement for direct entry... believe it or not, some of those lazy mong students work hard for their qualifications.
  5. "MEEDJA" studies??
  6. Words of wisdom :D, and ensure you have a C minimum in Mathes and English
  7. Stop bellyaching about it and either comply with the requirements or get a job elsewhere.
  8. So because you did four years in the TA, you think that should be the equivilent of 180 UCAS points?
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I love the way many student - types have zero common sense, have no concept of the world around them, struggle with basic spelling and grammar, and have no concept of current affairs beyond whats going on in X - Factor and Big Brother.

    A significant proportion of my colleagues have qualifications coming out of their ears, but appear to struggle with attentiveness, thoroughness and applying oneself without being distrcted by the slightest thing.

    Leaders of men, the lot of them :D

    Under Labour, Ejumacation is actually a dirty word. Don't let their Degree's (Klingonese, cookery, beer tasting, w@nking, window licking) fool you - in a world of A*'s at A - Level being the norm rather than the exception (not back in my day, I tell ye ;) ) a 2:1 at higher education doesn't quite mean what I did 15 or so years ago.

  10. Hahahahahar!

    Just how bad do you feel sunshine. Aren't you kicking yourself for not getting your head down at school at getting some qualies?

    Dry your eyes, Princess, get yourself on some evening courses (you're ex stab, so you have the time at nights!) and get the points you need and have another go.

    But FFS, stop blaming the world, the system, and bitching about what other 'lesser people' (in your eyes!) can do or get and you cant just because YOU were a slacker at school. It just makes you sound like a whiny waste of space who has eaten too many pies, done no phys and now complains when he gets a beasting for not being able to hack it and keep up with the pack!

    Seriously, get on a couple of evening course etc to get your points and crack on, but please, please, please stop the bleeting about how unfair the situation is because if you're looking for sympathy, it's in a dictionary between sh!t and syphilis!
  11. Someone elses fault ?

    He sounds like orificer material to me.

    Apportioning blame when your own actions skew your plans will get no sympathy here.
  12. Here you go princess.

    Funny thing in life, some jobs need qualifications. 180 points is a way of confirming you are able to learn not that you have common sense. The Army is not run like a self certifying mortgage application.
    Get your head in the books, do three A-levels, pass, re-apply.
    Good Luck
  13. Simple answer: you are not good enough! You won't get it by default, simply saying student? you are no good. so 8 weeks in the TA makes you Gen Jackson does it?
  14. You haven't even got 3 A levels? Ha ha Pass me a window I feel very licky!
  15. Those days are gone where if you knew the Minister of Lincoln then your worthy to be leader of men and I know a few fcukwits that got through that way. So glad those days are gone

    go and pick your teddy up from the corner. :D

    DarkNinja - remember the old saying.....go to spain for 3 weeks......hahaha