Decission time - Any infomation gratefully recieved

Having left school last year and then working for a while I now intend on joining the army. I do have some small experience as I did serve for 3 years with the Air Cadets (OK I expect some jokes), I know the recuiting office stuff but would really appreciate some feed back from those actually serving/ex serving on the life etc.

I am not too technically minded and although a little overweight at the moment I am totally commited to my choice and am in the process of joinng a gym so I see no problems with fitness. I want to see action for definite and I like tradition so I wanted to join a fighting corp with a good reputation (Do reputations count when trying to get employment after leaving in places like Iraq working for security firms) So I was thinking of The Parachute Corp, a good infantry regiment or the Royal Marines. I have quite good exprience with firearms (hobby) and was a drill instructor when I was in the Cadets.

As I said, I would really appreciate any advise as my choice of regimant is by no means final and I am open to offers, so to say.

Thanks in advance


shifted while it is still G rated. mk

First things first, welcome to ARRSE.

Second - it's the Parachute Regiment, not Corps. They'd be upset I suspect if you refer to them as a Corps. It is, however, Her Majestys Corps of Royal Marines.

I've very little experience of infantry work (other than having been MO for 40 Cdo) so can't advise on this.

Good luck in your choices.
fastboy said:
(Do reputations count when trying to get employment after leaving in places like Iraq working for security firms)
Oh dear lord
Please tell me this is a wah.
Rob welcome to ARRSE.
From reading your post you seem keen to join an infantry regiment.
Have you thought of joining your 'Local Regiment'?
What area of the country are you in?
All regiments in the British Army generally have good reputations and are full of their own individual traditions.
THanks guys, I did not expect replys so quickly. I am in Lancashire so what would be the local regiment ? Is there always a good chance to get my parashute wings in any regiment or is it pretty restricted or can I jsut apply?

Sorry to any parachuters or marines out there

Your local unit Is the Duke of Lancasters Regiment Link
But why does your location on your site ID say Manchester if you're in Lancashire.
If you really are adamant about joining the Parachute Regiment see here:

This should answer the majority of your initial questions.
Also search this site for threads regarding 'P company'.

As you are, in Lancashire have a look here:

As you can see, there is plenty to choose from.

You really ned to look into each different regiment before commiting.
Your local careers office will be able to help you aswell.
Rob, Infantry or another "Teeth" arm unit would suit you, depending on your recruiting scores and interview. You need to speak to a careers office and find out the ground truth from them. Don't be put off if they delay you or say that you cannot have your first choice. Stick at it and enjoy the ride!!
Can i firstly say how impressed I am with my fellow Arrsers for not ripping this lad apart for puuting this thread in the NAAFI bar. Things are obviously changing a little.

Rob, the Duke of Lancashire's regiment are a fine bunch of lads, I had the honour to serve with them on TELIC 9 and was very impressed. You need to look and see what you want to be doing in a few years time, do you want to live in Germany, drive a Warrior, crew a Main Battle Tank (yes you do!!!) or such like. If you want infantry I'd recommend going local and then at least you'd be surrounded by your mates.

Oh and keep quiet about the air cadets when you get in!!

Good luck fella.
It may have something to do with the fact he can spell and put a coherent sentence together, that has saved him from the wolves :D
Yes his terminology leaves a lot to be desired, but hey hes keen enough :D

good question.....and wow! do all us 'new' boys get checked out so closely? Manchester is the nearest big city to our home and our home guesed it, in Lancashire.

I wont give you the whole address if yo dont mind but if your are that interested then maybe we could 'swap' photos :D
There is also the option of joing the Royal Engineers/Royal LogisticsRoyal Signals etc and doing 'P' Coy or the AAC so you can get a bit of both.


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Welcome to the venerable ARRSE community. Good drills for coming here to get your advice.

Good luck with your intentions too.

In terms of advice: If you think you are hard (read healthy, fit, adaptable, super-eager, like a fight and can take damage) enough, go for one of the heavy duty regiments like Paras or Marines - they get more fun stuff in than most. They are also a good stepping stone for a continuation career outside the forces (or in other units) afterwards and will potentially open more doors.

Notwithstanding, your local regiment will also serve you exceptionally well and maintain your local connections too. You'll still have loads of fun and bearing in mind current forces commitments, you'll be in the thick of it at some point soon enough too.
Air cadets? AIR CADETS? omfgg
Hey at least he's taking the next step, not like those air cadets feckers that are old enough to join the real forces but stay in the cadets to hold the "power" over the kiddies. Little *****!!
Sorry if i offended tothepubandbeyond, I though you were jsut trying to have a go at me. Good advice on the path I should take and I will follow them all up and thanks for the welcome

What about life in the forces? My granfather served with the Durham Light Infantry and always used to tell me it was a great life, although I dont think he had ARRSE on computer in those days eh!
You appear to have an ounce of common sense and as stated before you can string a coherent sentence together ... you ever thought of Sandhurst?
Cowhead said:
You appear to have an ounce of common sense and as stated before you can string a coherent sentence together ... you ever thought of Sandhurst?

I thought we were meant to be nice to him?
Seriously though fastboy, how did you get on in GCSEs and have you considered continuing in education to A levels and / or a degree leading you to Officer service?

Alternatively, what's the attraction for the infantry? A fine, fine group of men but you could also get a trade from the Army - your AFCO will be able to help with choices in this.

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