Hey All,

I am joining the TA Sigs and was thinking of doing something well that they do, Technician/operator or whatever... but then I was told last time I was down there that I could join as a few other things such as a chef.

All I am wondering is this...

Will it affect the oppertunities I get? e.g. adventure training and all that as im really into getting outdoors what I dont want is for everyone else to be going off doing something exciting while im in a kitchen or do I get the same oppurunities as every other job role?
You should get to do all the fun stuff no matter what cap badge you are in your unit. Ask them when you next go along.
Obviously, whilst you're cooking in a hot greasy kitchen, the others will be training.

Difficult to do both, so you really need to decide what you want to do.

Don't let them push you into something you don't want.
The thing is, you've got to decide one of two things:

Do you want to spend your days killing scores of people and living in mortal peril for every waking hour?

Or do you want to be doing something out of the kitchen?
The Career path for army chefs is on a par with civvy chefs, for the first couple of years expect all the shite jobs, but expect to learn a lot as well.

A lot will depend on your master gyppo, my old unit had a good one who looked after his lads, but when we went to Gib he placed the senior sgt in charge,even though he was meant to be in charge, he fcuked of early every day to go scuba diving, while the rest were expected to cover all the shifts and do shit jobs like making 180 rounds of sandwiches for the horror bags etc.

If I was going to go as a chef I would join Catering support regiment instead of being a units slop jock.


Before you choose, look at all the jobs on offer & talk to those in similar positions. There are loads of jobs in the army, many of which may suit you. If you join & find out later that you are a square peg in a round hole, you can always ask to change.

The army is fun, most people get to do fun things but everyone gets to do shi*e things too. Over 30+ years you get to realise the good things far outweigh the bad things :D

Choose & enjoy :D
Dont forget. As its TA everyone will be pissed on the sat night and you'll have to get up even earlier to cook their brekfast.

The cooks at our place are top notch and realy good it has to be said. But you will miss out with what the rest of the lads are doing. You will get to do some things but not everything the rest get up to.
Thanks for the advice guys... I guess my best bet is to speak to the lads down at the TAC on tuesday night then. I don't really want to speak to the chef as I know he will tell me it's all gravy... and I don't really want to speak to the guys in recruitment as I assume its there job to say whatever they think I want to hear to get me to choose something...

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