Discussion in 'Sappers' started by RoyalEngineers, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Well, as you all may or may not know, I have made the premature decision to join the Royal Engineers. Now then, here's where i'm stuck.

    Basically, I want to join to get Qualifications mainly, as well as setting me up for when I leave (if I get in, in the first place), and also I want to see the Army from a different perspective, IE. Not just combat.

    Here's the Dilemma. Basically, i'm indecicive. I'm thinking of completing my trade training (however long it takes), and when I feel i've hit the roof, thinking of transferring to a combat unit for the rest of my career, if I feel like it (I might be planning too far ahead). Now i'm wondering, which Trade would really give me some variety, a chance to get a real feel for what the Engineers can offer, and an opportunity to be more of a Combat Active soldier. How can I go about this.. how can I do my sniper training for example.. what will I be sniping? Mines.. bombs.. people? Just wondering about the general COMBAT side of the RE aswell, or it that mainly left to the Inf.?

    Thanks for all of you that have read this, and I look forward to hearing everyones advice
  2. you want to be a "GRUNT" then join them.

    do not join "THE CORPS" and then jump ship once you think you have got all you can get from it.

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  3. Go to collage if you just want qualifications.
  4. To echo what Knocker said, if you want to 'snipe', then join the infantry. If you want qualifications and a better job when you eventually leave, then join the engineers. Don't just get your trade under your belt then jump ship to the infantry.
    because 1: you may transfer straight after trade training, and after being allowed the freedom of thought that engineers are generally allowed, find life in the infantry VERY hard. and you DEFINITELY won't be able to transfer back, once you realise how hard the life of an infantryman is.

    and 2: what is the point of getting your trade qualifications and then wasting them humping a mortar barrel for 22 years. do you think any employer will think you have the requisite experience to use your trade?

    your best bet is to A) join the engineers, get a trade, and if you still feel warry and want to snipe things, volunteer for 23 Engr Regt(Paras) or 59/24 Engr Regt (Commandos). Bear in mind you'll be laughed at, and probably punched, if you ruck up at these units asking for your sniper course.

    Stop watching war films, stop playing Battlefield 2, stop getting silly ideas and sit down and have a word with yourself with regards as to where you want to be in 20 years. And keep your ears pinned back when grumpy bastards like me and knocker try to give you advice.
  5. well put and great advice given, I hope he takes it on board.
  6. What would his chances of seeing any combat be if he stayed in the royal engineers?
  7. From my sons experience in Afghanistan, Sappers were with his lead assault section on some attacks, so they can be quite high in some places.

    Fighting other Corps\Regiments when they insult THE CORPS guarenteed :D
  8. but not as HIGH as if they were in the government :oops: :D :oops: :D
  9. Yeah advice took onboard, suppose it was a stupid idea, i'll see how things go, and no i'm not actually like this in person lol, it's just my brain running wild :(

    And on that note, I say how I want to do combat occasionally, and when I do it, I dislike it :p

    I just hope the lifestyle is similar, everyone works on similar levels and then, i'll quite happily be the one that isn't doing the section attacks :p

    Cheers for the tips, and i'll get straightened out soon enough

    I'm not getting it all from films or anything, it's mainly from the shooting competitions and stuff and not wanting to waste the one thing i'm actually good at :wink:

    I was imagining combat engineering, before I even knew a thing, to be like 1-2 engineers in an infantry section to do demolitions etc :oops:

    Definately wanting to join the engineers, but there'll always be the bit of me that fancies some action, and that i'll probably get in the engineers anyway.

    Excuse me if I sound like a tw@t, can't put it into words :cry:


    I know what I mean now, I have a rifle, will I use it? :p
  10. engineers, best corps in the army, become a om, and see the world
  11. engineers, best corps in the army, become a pom, and see the world
  12. M8, its not like applying for a job as a waiter and asking if you can "do some cooking" occasionally. If you want to take the war to the enemy join the Infantry, they do it admirably, if you want to be a Combat Engineer whith an additional trade of your choice?.....

    Everyones in harms way these days and can pretty much bet on the idea of getting deployed sooner or later. But its not everyone's primary job to locate and destroy the enemy, you may very well see some combat as an RE. I'm not having a go but I'd try not to ask too many bone questions like an excited cadet. Its not a game of paintball out there, theres people getting killed almost daily.
  13. You're only allowed to deploy on operations as a sniper once you have completed Call of Duty on a console.
  14. OUCH! :p
  15. what and make your own pass certificate from dried pasta and cut out pages from razzle?