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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by varminting, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. First off hello all
    i am thinking of joining the army im 17 at the moment
    but carnt decide wot area to go in to ive read some posts on here but still undecided
    i was wondering if you can choose to go to sniper when u join infantry and if any other areas have sniper forces as i am well in to my hunting (deer rabbit so on) also pest control so i think i would be pretty suited to that line of work i no differant shooting people but same principles
    Other side i was thinking of was engineer in airconditioning/refrigiration as i am doing a bit of aircon and ventilation at moment and when i came out of army would be a good thing to have pay wise 25-30pound/hour
    any of you been in this line of the army any tips would be welcome
    last question how easy to swich careers in the army as from been para to engineer and so on?
    thanks for any replys
  2. i think the trade you need to ask about at the careers office is Royal Engineer Refrigeration Operator (Sniper). you fix the aircon out in Iraq, but if they need snipers for secret missions and the like, they can call on you. reason it is a double-hatted trade is there are just not enough insurgents to justify having full-time snipers.

    ask at your local ACIO about it. trade training is 17 weeks. 16 weeks on your primary skills and a week to be a sniper at the end. plus you get to wear a pretty cool "fridge & crosshairs" badge on your left arm.

    i thought about transferring and doing it myself when i was in 49 para, so i had a trade when i got out. i had visions of being a kind of handyman / gamekeeper on the queens estate.

    best of luck, let us know how it goes.
  3. Thanks for reply just wondering if someone wanted to go for SAS wot would be best way to go start in PARA or another unit i am along way from fit enough for it but some day might like to try for selection :numberone:
  4. if you manage to pass selection for the RERO(S) trade above, you actually bypass the first four weeks of SAS selection and go straight to the jungle phase.

    personally i think the RERO(S)s are harder than the paras anyway, so that would be the route i would advise when you go to the ACIO.
  5. Mate, im gonna be extremely kind and tip you off before you get mauled to death on here and go and slit your wrists. I don't know how old you are etc but honestly, its best to just take this whole army lark one step at a time. You've gone from refrigeration technician to SAS in one foul swoop?!! Go to the Army careers office and get some advice/brochures etc. If you want to join the Infantry then The Parachute Regiment is as good as any, however, get yourself fit first, learn about your regiment of choice then make sure that you actually get in before asking questions about Special Forces. if you want to know about the Paras/Royal Engineers, there are dedicated pages on the FORUMS index page. Good Luck.

    Cheers Easy!
  6. One of my former colleagues CSgt Henno G was an instructor on the REFO(S) selection. Have just conversed with him via secure means he has advised that if you have experience with hot sticky weather then a waiver will be probably granted and you will be classed as having passed the jungle phase.
    But as CR states ASK the ACIO beforehand
  7. *goes slit wrists*
    lol just wondering wot as i asked would be best way to get to it
    obviously i would have thought any 1 with drive and want to better there self would go and see if they could pass for SAS just to prove they can do it
    and as im undecided as u see the post name i am just weighting up my options as for goin to careers office i was surfing web first to do my own research to see wot i could find.i appreciate ur reply dont wory im not running before i can walk.
  8. I thinlk your talents would be clearly wasted as a REFO(S). Have you thought about a career as a teacher, perhaps in English?
  9. Go to your local career advice, tell them what you're interested in wanting to do within the Army and they'll give you the right information.

    If you're thinking of a trade, by all means go for it. You can always get attatched to Para's if you want after.
  10. why not join the Engineers, then go to 9 Sqn - and be a Para Engineer

    Best of both worlds.

    then when in Colchester with the rest of the airborne brotherhood - you can see first hand what they all get up to and possibly transfer at some point.

    Transfer is not an automatic right - you can request, but this may get denied.

    so choice your career selection wisely - and dont let the ACIO fob you off with ' you can join them , but their not taking for 10 months - but if you join this lot - you can start next week and transfer later cos its easy to do'

    B0ll0x is it easy
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