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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gliding_bum, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Hey this is my first post here, although I have been reading the posts on here for some time - it cracks me up! lol :D

    I live in the Bristol area and have been looking into joining one of the reserves in the area but am completely lost! I have no idea which tickles my fancy! If I have got this right there’s the RA, Engineers and the Sigs in the area but the RNR at FF looks tempting, and have been looking in on RR.

    I'm an apprentice at present in engineering and dunno which route to take...

    I also looked at the tankies in the area (must be such a laugh). Would that be worth it? Or am I wearing the "rose tinted glasses"?

    On another note, I'm hopefully off to uni next year (Sept 2008) so would this be a problem? I hope to join the regulars when (if) I graduate, either the Navy or the Army.

    As you can see I don’t know which direction to turn. Any help from present or past members of the above would be much appreciated.

  2. Try 26 MI Coy in Keynsham, very friendly little outfit, excellent prospects and good social setup.
  3. Find out all of the ones in your local area and then pop along for a chat. Get a feel for the place and the people and see which one is for you :D
  4. If you're an active type,
    why not try 131 Commando RE in Bath.
    New unit, some good opportunities.
  5. RA is the way forward
  6. avoid the sigs at all costs. more trouble than they are worth.speak to the RA.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Is there no inf unit in bristol any more? 6 Rifles?
  8. U might want to try 6 Rifles (infantry) at flying fox same place as RNR close to bristol city ground
  9. 266 Bty, Whiteladies Road. Tell them Cuddles sent you!
  10. Cheers for all of your replies they are proving helpful.

    I don't want to join the Infantry out of choice, want to learn a trade as well as inf stuff, but yes, it is still there.

    As for Intelligence at Kenysham, that sounds tempting, although is a lot of the work they do deskwork? I work in an office now and I want to do something completely different.

    As for the Commando Engineers, I think I am too fat to be a commando and have nowhere near the level of fitness required, although it would be fun, definitely a chat up line! lol

    As for the RA, that sounds tempting! Looked at the website, not too sure I fancy jumping from a perfectly good aircraft though. Any further input on the Mons?

    As per my original post, would transferring to other TA/OTC while at uni be a problem? As a student I won’t be able to afford private transport! lol

  11. not sure about transferring fom one otc to another. ta transfers can take ages and depending on how incompetant your CoC is can be totally fcuked up and wasted.

    whats wrong with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane???
  12. Beats the bejasus out of jumping out of a damaged one!!
  13. Lets just say rather you than me! I'm a sport pilot and jumping is a last resort! Jump to survive not out of choice! The idea gives me the s#its :toilet: lol

    Fair play to the boys that do mind. But no thanks!

    To be a gunner in 266 do you HAVE to do the jumps course?
  14. 266 are no longer airborne as such - they are now affiliated with an army commando artillery unit. you could still do p-company if you pressed it but
    they will want to get you through the commando course instead. in my opinion its a more useful course to do anyway. the commando course probably isnt a must-do though -if you prefer to get traded up in a support arm such as REME or Stores or Chef. but who wouldnt want to get that commando dagger patch on their arm ? the lads in 266 are all
    top notch blokes and theres lots of stuff going on there to get stuck into.
    if you are looking for trades theres reme, signals, artillery, stores etc but Observation Post gives you good diversity - from signals to getting out and about in the field. The regiment just got back from an exercise in america and theres plenty of good stuff going on at regimental level too. i switched in from royal signals and havent looked back. best bet is to have a chat with their PSAO or whoever is in charge of recruiting and go along one tuesday evening and say what you want out of it and they will help you out. good luck.
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Inf is as different to office life as you can get, but i see your point, but bear in mind that inf units have openings for sigs, medics, drivers etc. It is proper soldiering, no offence intended to the commando units.

    No direct personal experience, but i think int corps is entirely desk work with occasional stuff in green. I honestly dont truthfully know what the TA int corps does though.

    As far as trasnferring from an otc to TA unit, doesnt TA get a MUCh bigger bounty?