Decisions, Decisions

When I turned 18 years old I was courting strong with a lovely shapely young girl who was around the same age as I was. She wanted to get engaged with a strong view to marriage. True love and all that!!

At that time I told her I wanted to join the Armed Forces and she consequently gave me an ultumatum.

"Its either the military or me?" She said.

Well, me being a young keen thruster and all that. I joined up and we both parted company a short while later.

Anyway: My youngest son is waiting to join the senior school and I had to attend the school this evening to find out everything about the level of education they provide.

I was sat amongst the crowd of parents when a familiar face suddenly caught my attention. Yes, over twenty years later it was my ex girlfriend from all those years ago. She was built like a gorilla and reminded me of a Sumo wrestler. I sat back in my chair and sighed with great relief as I thought, phew, I definately made the right decision there!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Did you wipe a slice of bread under each tit and scoff it in front of her?
There's a morrel there somewhere. She looks like her mother did all those years ago. Like a bull dog chewing sh*t of a wire brush!! :lol:

As for the bread under her arm pits, she was too sweaty for that. It would have made the bread sloppy!! 8O



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