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Today I visited 2 units, both offering different things in the TA.

1. Is a job I have wanted to do in the TA for the last couple of years. The initial contact was simple and easy, the visit made me feel like I was already part of the unit (although I didn't attend during drill night hours). I was made to feel very welcome and it was quite informal. There was a presentation laid on and it all seemed very regimented (please forgive the pun). It took me 40 minutes to get to the unit. The downside is that I would not be fully trained in the role in order to deploy in time for when the unit goes out to Afghanistan.

2. Is a job I have really wanted to do in the TA for the last 5 years. Contact was a nightmare and has been strung out over 2 years. I was initially told I couldn't join the unit but have today been told I can join the unit. The visit was carried out during drill hours and I was kept waiting for almost an hour in total while the person whom I had the appointment with did other things. There was a high expectation in respect of drill night turnout, far higher than I had expected. According to the unit they need not advertise as it is so popular and I should count myself lucky to be allowed to join! It took me an hour to get to the unit. Apparantly the unit is in demand and as such is always requiring people to deploy.

Now my dilemma is which unit to join...the one I have really wanted to join for the last 5 years or the newer unit who appeared far more organised and friendly!?!

I don't expect anyone to make the decision for me but I guess i'm asking if initial thoughts can be deceptive. Did you turn up to chaos after being messed around and it later turned out to be a great decision? Did you turn up to a professional introduction but it all went downhill from there!?

I don't want to mess either unit around and as such would like to make a speedy but not hasty decision!!
I guess that's what you get when you join such an 'elitist' so to speak. Personally I'd stick it out with option B due to the fact that once you are in it will be really worth it.
Yer dilemma is what unit to join? Yer dilemma should be what unit will take you? You cum across as an effeminate looking for a free sex change (not saying thats out of the question). I don't know if theyuve got sex changw clinics in afg yet?
Yer dilemma is what unit to join? Yer dilemma should be what unit will take you? You cum across as an effeminate looking for a free sex change (not saying thats out of the question). I don't know if theyuve got sex changw clinics in afg yet?
**** me from that post I'd say you must be hammered.
Back to the OP...

You've already decided, but you want somebody else to confirm your thoughts.

1. It's your current career choice. The people are friendly. It's organised.

2. It was your career choice but it's been superseded. The people aren't friendly (though you will probably grow into it). It's not organised but it likes to put on airs and graces.

There, I've summarised what you've written. Is the decision easier now?



I've made half a decision. Unit 2 is off my list, the commitment they expected was extremely high...including drill nights it would have been around 65 days in my first year, dropping to 40 (including drill nights) in the following years. It is the high expectation of drill nights that I would struggle to do due to working shifts, so I have been in touch with a specialist unit. The first unit was much more flexible in respect of drill nights and I think most units would be more flexible.

So, at the moment i'm deciding between the 1st unit and going specialist (although having spoken to someone on here I am now very interested in another unit! DOH!).
Specialist??? That's supposed to be a secret! You're not supposed to know about them until you've done at least 5 years - and even then only if you've met one in a bar (and bought him drinks).

Putting my serious face back on, it's good to see that Specialist units are getting a bit of publicity. They tend to be under represented and certainly misunderstood. And that's because it's only the people who are in the units who know what they actually do (and even then it can be a bit of an enigma).

It's a good move if you work awkward hours or if you love your family but on the downside it can be a long time between training periods. Nominally an Annual Camp and two weekends per year, you don't get a lot of time in uniform. Still, it gives you a chance to grow a beard to a healthy length before you have to shave it off again. It's not laziness, it's PERSEC, you understand. :wink:
i presume a specialist unit is a national unit ? i'm nearing the end of my application process , ready for selection .. @ the RLC TA in Grantham .. i just missed out on joining the regs due to my age so joining the TA is the next best thing .. but obviously i wish to do as much as possible .. i'm interested in driver or pioneer but if i dont get many training weekends will i be able to change my interest ?
i was hoping to join the RLC in the Regs but just missed out and they had all my info still in the system .. i didn't realise that they were a national unit though .. i'm going to get in contact with 3 Batt Royal ANG today as they not far from me !!
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