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I'm well on my way with my application, got pre-selection in two weeks, but would like some outside suggestions on a few decisions I'm trying to make.

Firstly, my goal in the end is to become a doctor, but as I don't have a-levels (went to school in South Africa and they won't accept my grade 12 cert. as good enough) I'm going to have to work my way up from the bottom. The current plan is to join as a student nurse or CMT.

Does anyone know if it's possible to go to med school once you're already in the army?

I'm also thinking I might take an extra year, do some fast track a-levels, then apply next year as it will open up more opportunities.

Any and all suggestions welcome :)
Well are you joining the regulars or the ta? I know of some ta officers who were able to keep their military post whilst returning to university, some of whom were studying medicine.

However, I doubt you will be able to get a place at medical school unless you gain some a levels or get at least a 2.1 in some other university degree first. Any army experience will be irrelevant without this, the military will not be able to get you a university place, and without a university place you will not be able to work your way up to doctor!

If you are determined to become a doctor, and would not be satisfied with any of the other medical professions within the RAMC, I think your best bet would be to get some A levels OR a degree, apply to uni to study medicine, join either the TA or OTC whilst at uni, apply for a medical cadetship in your 2nd year of med school (if they're still on the go by then, that is), then bob's your uncle you will be an MO upon graduation + completing your years of junior doctoring + doing your PQO course at Sandhurst.
I know two ex-lab techs who left the army and then were sponsored through med school, one is now a major and i believe is a plastic surgeon and the other is still in training. But I dont know of any who joined as other ranks and were then commissioned and did their training.
I would suggest not enlisting if you wish to become a Doctor, get your academic qualifications up to requirement. Once you are in the zone for a cadetship then make application, there is a return of service but if you are committed then this should not be a problem. It would be very difficult if not impossible to complete the training requirements to become a Doctor while serving. Medigal has given you a very good guide above which I would advise you to follow, small addition to her comments in that cadetships would still be available but they are being dramatically reduced from 2011 onwards.

Hope this helps.
Cheers for all that.
Yeah, I've decided that getting some a-levels and applying to med-school makes the most sense as it's the shortest way from A to B.
Any more information on cadetships? I didn't even know they existed until I'd already begun my application process.
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