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I'm applying for the army and I now have to make a choice between Geo Tech and the design trades (DD, DEM, SE, CMT).

How much combat engineering do these trades do? The they way I see it, RE do combat engineering mainly and the trade is just something for when you leave..... not that I'm not interested in the trades, because I am.
I was a CMT for 10 years and did very little combat engineering. In fact the only knocking I did was either as part of annual section competitions and during the first Gulf war. Two out of my three postings were, however, with field units so the potential was definitely there, and I do feel I missed out a bit. Some of my colleagues on the other hand, qualified in their trade and hardly touched it again.

One thing though, I left in 96 so you may want more up to date opinions.
Geo Tech's are in their own special unit and rarely see the wider corps, go down the Geo route and you'll see even less combat engineering than anyone else.

Design Draftsmen might do the odd bit of engineering but generally work in the regimental design cell drawing plans for the CO's shed or knocking up table plans for the next mess do.

Surveyors tent to get chucked in the SQMS (stores) but a few make it into the troops so you have a fair chance of getting 'hands on'

CMT's again get used in the troops so you'll get some combat engineer experience

With any of those trades your best bet is to be posted to 170 Engr Gp at Chilwell in Nottingham. Get posted there and you'll do your trade and gain valuable experience.
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