Decisions, decisions

Discussion in 'RAC' started by luke, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Had my BARB test yesterday, did pretty well (won't post the score for fear of accusations of boasting as per my thread on another forum :cry: )

    The bloke at the ACO seemed pretty bemused I wanted to be a tank driver, thumbing through my CV and results he said it might be a problem cos you're grades are so high 8O

    I was (un)fortunate enough to go to quite a posh school, combined with a pushy mum and the stuck-up bellends I was forced to socialise with left me plenty of time for studying so I got my head down and studied hard for my GCSEs (not so my A-Levels).

    Anyway, the guy at the ACO said it might be a problem putting tank driver as first choice, with REME and Ammunition Tech. as my 2nd and 3rd; he said if the army had it's way I'd be in the REME, and they might consider me 'wasted' as a driver/gunner/tank commander :oops:

    He explained that if I was to put tank driver as my first choice and not hit the mark for that choice, having the other 2 below it as pointless as I wouldn't make the grade for those either.

    But on the flipside, if I had ammunition tech. as first choice, if I was to hit the mark I would be doing that, not what I really want to do

    Anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice is welcome.
  2. In NS days was sent to 68 Regt for assessment as to training. I had top marks in everything. Was given a list of trades I could go for. Didn't want any trade - rather be a civvie. Liked look of gun number so put that down. Great consternation when interviewed by the board. Much argument between various 'cologists. At end crusty old colonel. Barked at me and said "Like dogs?" I said yes and he gruffly pronounced "Military Police - dog handler" and that was it. So much for the art of selection. Luckily, when I finished monkey basic, there were no spare dogs.
  3. Didn't you have WRAC attached to you?
  4. Frequently.
  5. What's wrong with being a tankie :oops:

    I'd certainly prefer it to Dog-handler (no offence to any dog handlers), as OldRedCap said.