Decisions Decisions can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Richym_83, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi, im looking to join next year and got my selection on Jan 22nd. Problem is i just dont know what would be the best path for me to take?

    I have A - C in Maths, English, Science x 2 and Art as far as i can remember and got 64 on my BARB. They offered me 87 jobs and initially as my life long dream has been to fly i was looking to join AAC to fly the apache. My recruiter (who is a Fusilier) then sent me on a look at life course with the Royal Fusiliers and that kinda made me want to join those guys. He is kinda moulding me into a Fusilier but the thing is i dont want to cut myself short and lose the chance of a better career path. Also if i chose say AAC ir Int COrps i want to fight i dont want to be stuck behing not seeing any action.

    If i was to join the Int Corps what do you actually do? I mean do you get to go on operation where your likely to come into contact with the enemy or is is all "safe work" away from the enemy and in an office or something?

    I basically want a good job which i can learn and take my future prospect alot further but deep down inside im a fighter. I want to fight aswell.

    Also if i chose to join the fusiliers is there a chance i can move to Int Corps or another position in another corps after serving and how long will that be?

    Any help is much appreciated i got about 5 weeks to decide so need to start making decisions....

  2. have you thought about going for a commission. Not that the infantry is any less of a job but if its a career and a trade you want dont let yourself be bullied into anything by the advisor, he is there to advise you not mould you into what he wants you to join. I dont know to much about the INT core. I think the whole point of it though is to gain intelligence without making contact with the enemy. best of luck with whatever you decide mate
  3. The only worthwhile advice to get from this is to discuss it through with your recruiter, mention to him what you said in this topic.

    If you want to fly for the AAC, then you should stick at it; you should NEVER let anyone change your mind, not even your recruiter.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Unless you know what you're talking about - and you clearly don't - stop giving out bone advice.
  5. Thanks... I cant get a commission can i? whats that all about???

    Anyways yea i hear you and have said all this to my recruiter and he is being very helpful getting recruiters from differant regiments to talk to me and tell me about there role.

    Its not so much that i want one or the other i want to do something where i get the best of both worlds. I want to leave the army in say 15 - 20 years and walk into a specialist job like armed police/pilot/MI5 type job (Know it may sound extreme), but i want something to lead me in this direction. But at the same time i want to get out and fight...

    Right now my job choices are:

    AAC Ground Crew
    Int Core Military Intelligence Operator
    Royal Military Police

    Can anyone tell me about these roles and what is involved. And if there are any other jobs that you may feel worth while looking into considering what i want in life?

    Basically i want a job within the army which is not the same thing day in day out, that can lead to me learning something specialist and leaving after doing my time but with options of a good government job and one where by i can get to use my weapon in close contact???

    I know pain in the arse aint i :D
  6. Mate, you won't be able to go for flying grading till you are a Cpl with a reccomendation for promotion, then you can go for grading which is a selection process. Believe it or not it is also easier to go for pilot selection from outside the AAC. Ground supoert is also a good option there are plenty of good jobs to do there.
    You need to make the right choice for you, do you want a trade etc....
    You really need to think what you want out of the army make a choice and not let anyone put you off and if you need to wait a while for your chosen trade then do so to many people leave through making wrong choice and feel trapped you can change during phase 1 and at any time throughout your career.
    As an instructor at phase 1, i'd say turn up prepared and determined to pass, make sure you get out running and keep smiling even when cold and wet on brecon good luck.
  7. I'm in the same position with selection coming up in January. Ive always wanted to fly but because of qualifications I couldnt go in directly as a pilot.
    In my second interview I was told that as long as your the right rank/aptitude etc you can get on the pilot selection course. Because of that I changed my first 2 choices around (1 REME, 2 AAC) to get a trade aswell as potentially learning to fly.
  8. Yea soon as your recommended for Corporal you can apply for your pilot course. No matter what regiment your in. Thats piece of mind now i dont know what to do whether i should just go fusiliers for few years till i can get that recommencdation or go into the Int Corps or something trade like REME or Signals aaaaaaaaaaaargh lol!
  9. Tell your recruiter to take a hike. Pick the trade that YOU want to do. I would always recommend getting a trade by the way, the ability to fire a rifle doesn't really count for much on your c.v., having NVQs etc coming out of your ears does.
  10. What are your hobbies?
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Oi whats wrong with Signals? :D It gave me a great start in Telecomms after leaving thank you very much. I understand it's much more IT-centric these days though.

    You can join most Corps and still end up at the sharp end if you want to, also there is the possibility to work with the Paras and SF. This with the added benefit of having a usefull trade when you come to leave the Army. Theres not a massive list of well paid ex-infanteer jobs out there. Not a dig at the Inf just that theres not a huge call for a lot of their skillsets in civy street.

    It's difficult to guide people on what Corps or Regiment to join, they all have their pluses and minuses. Pick something you have an interest and go for it. One things for certain, its not going to be anything like you imagined :D
  12. Lol theres nothing wrong with the signals im saying that the Corps i have in mind are Int Corps, Signalls and Infantry but i want to make sure i can still fight in whichever i choose... by the way when you was in the Signals did you ever get to use your gun??? Did you even get one???

    Lampard... I like Carp Fishing in a big big way.. Also Motorcross, Jet skiing, mountain biking etc. Outdoors stuff really why do you ask?

    Can anyone tell me what corps they were in please and what kinda stuff they did in there??? Also whether or not the got to fight and how much??
  13. Was going to try and suggest a Corps based on your interests and hobbies, but sadly i've yet to find the Royal Fishing Corps ;)

    You mentioned you want to fight? Do you mean physically at the forefront of an attack or being deployed to a warzone?
  14. Royal Engineers.
    As a Corps we provide close support engineering to the infantry. We normally provide a troop per battlegroup and are heavily involved in all operations. Last year a Plant Operator Mechanic was awarded the Conspicuous Gallentry Cross (one below the Victoria Cross) in Afghanistan. There is an episode on Andy McNabs Tour of Duty about what the Corps gets up to on operations. If you go to the Sappers forum there should be a link in the stickies.
  15. Ha ha nice one Lampard you hittin it wide of the post again are ya? :D Na if there was a Royal Fishing Corps mate i would join as a SGT Major lol.

    I want to fight i dont wanna just go to war to fix things or work on communications mate i want to actually get a gun and shoot the fcuker at some Taliban you know what i mean?

    So REME Engineers actually get stcuk in aswell do they???