Decision time.

Ok, so I've decided to pursue the Officer route application, and have contacted my nearest Royal Engineer unit. If I don't make Officer then I plan to re apply for Soldier just as happy applying as a soldier, it's win win as far as I can see as the Regiment seems to have a lot to offer.

I'm a bit concerned about the psycometric testing, especially the mental arithmetic side of things. Dose anyone know of any free online tests that would be similar to the ones I would have to attempt? I've found loads of paid ones but I'm not even sure how similar they are to the tests for selection anyway so I'm a bit dubious about investing in them, they are not cheap either.

I know they have a practice ACT on the website and I've tried that a few times but I have a feeling there may be more additional to that test that I would have to take. I'd like to get a good bit of practice in beforehand so any tips or good websites you know of would be of great help.

Thank you,

Do not, for fxxks sake, over think things! The unit which you join to prepare you for Officer route, will provide you with all the information, links, tips and hints that you will need. All current and up to date.
The worst pressure you can be under is all self induced. Take a deep breath and enjoy the experience. Good luck


Amazon product
I have personally found this book great for Numerical Reasoning practice! The questions are simular to the ones I did at Briefing. I have Main Board in a few weeks, but already feel prepared having worked all the way through this book. Think it was £8 from amazon so worth it!

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