Decision time

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Element, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. Hey all, im new to this forum and will be joining RAC.
    Im tied about working with the chal2 or scimitar vehicle, i know they play different roles etc but i just cant make up my mind :?
    Which one should i choose?

  2. If you're joining the "4th Emergency Service" surely you need to know how to fix all types of vehicles at the roadside :lol: :D :p

    >> sound of fat part-time civvy/infanteer running away laughing<<<
  3. Great, can i have some reasons?
  4. CR2 goes BANG

    CVR(T) goes pop
  5. CVR(T) Operate upto 150 km behind enemy forces and vehicle commanders and crews are allowed to get on and do things their way.

    CR2 Crew's follow each other around the battlefield like muppets and have there departure lines marked by CVR(T).

    So if you have some noggin and can cope with making your own decisions then the Cav is for you my boy.

  6. Haha nice way of putting it
  7. CR2 has many inches of well researched armour plating built in the 90's the CVR(T) doesn't
  8. My brain hurts....

    :roll: :wink: