Decision Time: London Regiment / 7 Rifles / 106 Regiment RA

I hate to be one of these people that asks for others opinions, ultimately I realize it's my decision. I'm Canadian and new to London so I'm trying to find the best fit in terms of a TA unit. I'm ex Canadian Army (5th Field Royal Canadian Artillery).

The only unit I've actually been too was 7 Rifles F Company, and I was really impressed. I would like to have a look at London Scottish, and 106 RA (mainly because I've been a gunner for years).

Anyone part of these units or have experience with them? Opinions (and banter) welcome, just easy on the Canadian jokes ok? =) Cheers lads.
I wish you all the best of luck mate. I personally spoke to Rifles in my area and they seem to be a great bunch of lads.
Cheers man, I'm leaning towards the Rifles as well, they were an awesome group for sure. Which Coy are you joining up with then?
Im deffo leaning towards 6 Rifles located in Bristol.
If you have been a gunner for years try the HAC. They offer a slightly different role and look at life in the Army/TA.
Cheers man, I did check them out but it wasn't really what I was hoping. I might look into 106 RA or just go Rifles instead as they seem like a solid battalion.
No problem, good luck!

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