Decision on IRA womans commemoration delayed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KevinB, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Decision on IRA woman's commemoration delayed

    By David Young

    A decision on whether to ban a controversial Stormont commemoration for an IRA woman shot dead by undercover British soldiers will be made this week after the Assembly's governing body last night declined to make a final ruling.

    The Assembly Commission had been asked to examine the Sinn Fein plan to mark the life of Mairead Farrell, who was gunned down by the SAS in Gibraltar 20 years ago, following complaints by unionists.

    In the wake of Sinn Fein's proposal, DUP Assembly member Jeffrey Donaldson suggested an event be staged at Stormont to mark the role of the SAS in combating terrorism.

    A commission spokesman said members had met to discuss issues around the staging of events in Parliament Buildings but had decided to reconvene on Thursday to discuss the matter.

    Farrell (31) was gunned down by members of the SAS along with fellow IRA members Sean Savage and Daniel McCann in March 1988 as they planned a bomb attack on a military band in the British territory.

    Sinn Fein MLA Jennifer McCann had applied to recognise Farrell's life at an event in Stormont's Long Gallery as part of International Women's Day.

    However, protests were lodged by the UUP and DUP, whose leader Ian Paisley led a delegation to meet Stormont Speaker William Hay. Mr Hay referred the matter to the Commission.

    Mr Paisley said the plans would undermine the parliament's status as a shared space.

    "Events commemorating the lives of dead IRA criminals who were intercepted by the forces of law and order on their way to kill innocent people have no place in Parliament Buildings," he said.

    "The DUP will oppose any commemoration for murderers in Stormont and will use all of our influence to prevent this event from taking place. I am confident that we are bringing closure to this issue.

    "As First Minister I would urge maturity amongst MLAs as to how they deal with these issues."

    However, Jennifer McCann rejected the DUP claims.

    "Mairead Farrell was a strong advocate for equality for women and she organised and participated in a number of events both inside Armagh Women's prison and outside to celebrate International Women's Day," she said.

    "To the republican constituency that I represent Mairead was a strong, inspirational woman who is still highly respected and held in high esteem and I believe that a celebration of her life to mark International Women's Day is a fitting tribute."
  2. Is this not unbelievable?
  3. Tossers
  4. inspirational????????? has the world gone insane? :evil:
  5. she should represent international dead terrorist bitch day!!

  6. As the dead can't sue for libel I heard she was a whore who took it *********** without lube, oh and she was a tout, She only got clipped because she gave one on THEM the clap.
  7. Remember that in the European Court of Human Rights the UK Govt was found to have committed non judicial execution.

    The IRA case was helped along by two registered British charities


    "British Irish Rights Watch" (Michael Mansfield and gang)

    "Inquest" is registered to act in inquest cases in England and Wales.

    Since the European Court of Human Rights has no jurisdiction over domestic inquests (and could not reverse or alter the decisions handed down by the Gibraltar inquest) then the charity "Inquest" IMO was acting beyond its charity status and privileges.

    Noit long after their ECHR outing re Farrell Savage McCann they were at the seaside in Margate with a free barrister for the family of a Margate Police custody death. The Coroners Officer in the case had initaited evidence handling at the Deal bombing scene. The invigilator for PCA was deputy senior CID of the Deal bombing case. I reported to Attorney General that the family had been advised to expedite the Thanet inquest to gain grounds for appeal. An appeal which would have compromised the Kent Police Deal barracks bombing investigatory team. The Coroner stood down in the case and Functus Officio Deal bombing Coroner took over. No appeal arose.

    "British Irish Rights Watch" are registered to act in human rights cases re Northern Ireland conflict and to educate on the conflict. Yet they refuse to recognise nor will they teach the Sean Garland Plan.

    Well the recent Panorama shows that we no longer enter an armed conflict. We enter to fight and uphold law. The enemy shoots, scoots and manipulates human rights law. And INO we should take a serious look at organisations which enjoy charity privileges who are NOT even handed.

    Rant ends (for now)
  8. As for the dead bitch who took it ***********.

    If they form a charity or organisation bearing her name then don't they gain trademark rights to sue even thought she is browned bread (sic)
  10. Never heard of this one, mate, :D , as her lover was a RA man. Where did you get the info? :wink:
  11. Some bloke with black nasty over his eyes told me at the errrr clinic.
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  13. Could we have a commeration statue of the shooting?

    She could still be in it, getting brassed up by several "Them".

    Perhaps on leaning back on her hands, with her hand to her forehead, with several random firing squibs.

    I feel this would be very poignent and moving.
  14. Point is, seems to me honouring her or honouring SAS at Stormont is a bad idea - will only serve to open old wounds, which is the last thing needed.
  15. [quote="chocolate_frog"]Could we have a commeration statue of the shooting?

    She could still be in it, getting brassed up by several "Them".

    Perhaps on leaning back on her hands, with her hand to her forehead, with several random firing squibs.

    I feel this would be very poignent and moving.[/quote]

    They could do some lying in the street in gibralter.
    These would make excellent french style pissers.