Decision making in Defence - a shoeing for the current structure

There are occasions like this but they are outnumbered by reference to specific targets (eg mortar position) and amounts of weapons (eg a Paveway)...
Agreed. But ultimately, we can't draw statistical conclusions from those figures. support of ground forces not a replacement for...
I didn't suggest Air could replace Land any more than I'd suggest the opposite. Likewise, while the regular British Army (other than AH) was only involved in ELLAMY in secondary tasks, I would never suggest that a 'Land Component' (however ragtag!) wasn't present.

...ASW etc isn't what I was thinking of as asymmetric or OOTW, it was more like peace support. I was probably too loose in my phrasing...
But with respect, this sort of thing is why us Air and Maritime chaps sometimes get frustrated and perceive that Land only look at Joint ops through a Land prism!


You're dealing with a SME.
I'm sure that @irlsgt is also an SME in areas I have no knowledge of (not that I'm suggested he doesn't have any knowledge of Air Power...Bugger, now I'm digging!!!) :)

Update: air strikes against Daesh - News stories - GOV.UK

Wed 2 Nov
"Sniper and mortar positions" in fairness that could be a 1000 or 4

Thurs 3 Nov
Total of 6 targets

Fri 4 Nov
3 targets plus 2 positions

Sat 5 Nov
3 targets

Sun 6 Nov
5 targets and an armoured vehicle
I'm not quite sure what point you're trying to make here @irlsgt. An individual 'target' can be serviced by one or 1000 weapons based on the number of Desired Point of Impacts (DPIs). Similarly, you may be surprised at some of the weapons being used.

My point is that it isn't really a huge contribution IMHO and of course they could be Daesh bases housing thousands of terrorists but ....
My point is that it isn't really a huge contribution IMHO....

With the greatest of respect, if that's what you believe, then you have little insight into the Campaign nor, it appears, Air Power.

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There's another defence committee inquiry due to be published shortly -

Here's an edited snippet from the inquiry's outline:

The equipment requirements of the MoD are based on its assessments of current and future threats what would have worked last time if they'd thought of it, as set out in regular Strategic Defence and Security Reviews. In total, the MoD will spend £178bn over 10 years on equipment and support.

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