Decision due on Milosevic trial

Couldnt he choke on his morning porridge or some thing .The mans a git
must have seen enough evidence to convict him by now .
woody said:
Couldnt he choke on his morning porridge or some thing .The mans a git
must have seen enough evidence to convict him by now .
Yea the footage I saw on the news last night was enough to send him to the chair. But I'm sure someone would complain that he hadn't had a fair trial
When he does come to trial he will probably be let of after an appeal anyway. What happened to his wife? Is she under arrest?
Watch the PC brigade when saddams trial comes to court. Will probably be let off on some stupid technicallity. ie "Saddam Hussein was not read his rights at the time of arrest, in arabic. Therefore can not be held as it is against his human rights." :?

SKJOLD was not present at Saddams capture and does not know if saddam was read any rights. How do you arrest a genocidle idiot that thinks hes being bullied by america?
You can just see it now them both getting off on a tecnicality and justice not being served as it should and the memory of those that died/suffered at their hands not being remembered
Unfortunately in the late 20th Century and early 21st , your average dictator is a bit better read than the norm , and it shows.

Milosoveic should have been shown the whitewashed wall years ago, I would do Radovan Karadjic for the price of the round (I'm serious, the bouffant murdering b'astard)

Saddam, I'm not sure on. I know that goes against the norm, but there are certain things that still bug me about the whole mess there.
I don't recall him asking his henchmen to spare the lives of those with high blood pressure....

Ahh hah another technicality :D

"Saddam Hussein could not be brought trial, an inquest heard today. The former Dictator and mass murderer, claimed he felt bullied and was suffering from deppression.
He is currently undergoing treatment fully paid for by the United Kingdom NHS. Mr Hussein has claimed full asylum status and would like to thank the British Tax payer for their contributions"

:lol: You never know!
While we all know that Milosevic has blood on his hands, I can understand why conclusively proving it in a court of law might be so difficult. I think we all are subconciously or otherwise using the Nuremberg Trials as a model for trying this guy. The reason that it was so easy to nail the Nazis at Nuremberg was that however vile were their atrocities, they were all carried out within the framework of a functioning state, and by the laws of that state, hence the wealth of written evidence.

One of the hallmarks of Milosevic's regime was the co-option of organised crime as a parallel enforcement arm of the government, and the preponderance of what were essentially gangsters in the paramilitary formations that carried out many of the atrocities. In the same way that Cosa Nostra does not keep detailed bureaucratic records of it's murders, neither did Milosevic. Any orders that were given were probably either purely verbal, off the record, or were by omission; ie it was made known that Belgrade would not be particularly upset if so and so happened.

Milosevic institutionalised many of the techniques and attitudes of organised crime into the government of Serbia, and any attempt to prosecute him is comparable to trying to nail senior members of the Mafia.
it says in the link above , he still likes to smoke heavily , well just get him about 3000 senior service and let him smoke them..... laborotory beagle stylee ...... problem over.

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