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I've been with the TA for just over 18 months now and am currently going through my phase B training. Id like to get some advice from more experienced people on these forums as to whether i stay with the TA.
--While i was going through my training at pirbright i started to notice that my feet were in pretty bad condition after the first few (short) CFT's. As time went on the soles of my feet got much worse to the point where i had to finish the last week constantly on painkillers. The training staff did recognise the problem and i was told that i could seek on site medical treatment, however, i would probably have to quit the training due to the packed training shedule we had. As mentioned before i decided to continue and eventually did my passing out parade on painkillers. Id put the blame down to the constant marching and training of that few weeks (I had taken time to look after my feet before going into the field, etc.) and assumed that was the end of my problems.

Not too long ago on a training excercise with my sqn i knew i had a CFT coming up and took plenty of time to make sure my feet were ready, but after 5 miles i collapsed and had to be taken to A&E. The doctors pulled off my boots/socks and id found that again the skin on both my heels had entirely come off and was basically told not to continue with any of these tests by the doctors.

I want to know others opinions on whether i should continue with the TA or if anyone else has had a similar problem as everyone at my sqn had never seen anything so severe from such a short distance.

Im not really sure whether to try alcohol because the skin is in a very akward area and takes months to fully heal if it happens again.

Anyway, thanks for reading and any advice would be really appreciated.
As a matter of interest what insoles were in your boots? Only you can make the decision to leave the TA, it depends on how much you want to be in it.

Try putting this on the Training Wing board or even the PTI one, they might be able to help more.
just normal boot insoles. my feet were taped up and all that jazz. I do really want to stay but i don't want to be a liability in the field and i definately don't want to turn into one of those idiots who have only ever been on 'tour' in Gibraltar after 10+ years of 'service'.
If you do have a genuine medical reason then you can have boots specially procured for you which should help the problem, and from the sounds of it theres absolutely no reason for them to say no.

See your friendly QM about it, although he will need a chit to say you require them for medical reasons. If its something that can be solved then its nothing to leave the TA over
The normal issue green coloured cheese graters are utter pants, they MAY have contributed to the state of your feet, try and get 'Sorbathane' insoles Brasher make a cheapish set. These can be sourced through the system, again with a piece of paper from the doc or even friendly CMTs.
You shouldn't need to tape your feet up for a CFT, can you wear your boots and issue socks all the time- even in your civvy life? Your feet just need to get used to them. Most people I knew used the issue insoles maybe with the ones from an old pair of trainers on top with no probs, again just a matter of your feet hardening up gradually. You don't say what socks you were wearing- stick to issue or other woolen ones, nylon football socks kill feet in short order.
Buy yourself a pair of Lowa or Altberg boots, yes they are expensive but I have never had an issue with lowas or received blisters, I have not taped my feet up since buying them. Next time you do a CFT drink plenty of water, I doubt you passed out due to blisters fella lets not **** about. If you want to go on tour get fitter because deployment fitness training has dramatically increased and carrying 15kgs over 6-8 miles is a minimum standard or regarded as a joke these days.
Il definatly have a look into some of these methods, especially the boots. Fitness isn't really the issue for me going on a tour or with the CFT as i was basically told by the doctor that it was probably a combination of sugar loss and pain that caused me to collapse (i didn't use the glucose powder in the ration packs, not that im diabetic or anything :/....). Il have to talk it over at my sqn and get an idea how my future can pan out.

Thanks for the advice people anyway
If you're really desperate, I have been known to wrap my feet in gaffa tape when the need arose. Never got blisters then.
Are your boot gortex, if so could be expensive wellies.

Get someone else to check your boots fit properly.
As above get some decent insoles.
Find out what works for you in the sock department, i.e. 1 x thick pair or 2 x pairs one thick one thin. Don't leave it till your CFT to find out, find out in your own time and get comfortable with it. (Get out running with your boots on)

Look after your feet, trim your toe nails. If your feet get wet on exercise then powder your feet and get dry socks ASP.
If your training on camp then get your flip flops on at night and let your feet breathe if you're having problems, again powder your feet.
Do you only have one pair of boot that you keep wearing or do you have two pairs that you can rotate each day or change at lunchtime? It may be that you have really sweaty feet thus leaving your feet damp like trench foot.

If you get a blister on your heel get some compeed or similar on it that will heal it quickly.
Don't put alcohol on there as all you will get is a deep blister under the hard skin and they are painful.

Keep your feet clean, clean socks every day with powder and get used to wearing boots.
One quick Q - do you remove your boots or keep them on for a weekend?

I've seen people do the latter, their feet suffer as they do not get a chance to dry out.
Have you been to doctors about your feet? What happened to you sounds very OTT - I just use issue kit and as a scallie my feet should be soft but the only prep I do is cut me toenails (sorry, manicure and a bit of cherry red polish for me nails).
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