Decicion made, paras it is. Advice please ~

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Big_Bazza, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, finally decided to man up and join the paras, was going to go for RLC but i've been told that i'll have to wait till march and even then my chosen job choice has 1 spot available. I'm just after some advice on how best to train for painful 6 months i have at catterick ahead of me. I'm currently banging out 5-6 miles every other day quite a bit of hill work also sprints etc , should i wear boots to get used to them and also would it be beneficial to do some weighted runs? Probably end up with knackered my knees : ) any advice would be much appreciated.

  2. No boot runs and no working with weight.

    Keep doing what your doing, don't neglet your upper body and you'll be at a good level to start CIC.
  3. Yeah been doing pressups/sit ups /chin ups .. quite comfortable with them. Should i be upping my runs to 8+ miles or will that be overdoing it? are u in the paras btw? wanted to ask some questions regarding p coy.

  4. Walty Title but has good training programmes in it.


    For any P-Coy questions PM Sandy he's one of the DS.
  5. Just ordered that actually it'll deffo do me some good. Thanks for advice will give sandy a PM also. cheers guys
  6. Get on there look at life course, you will find loads of good info and advice there, you can get info from the Army website
  7. Cheers, will do that right now.
  8. Big_Bazza, I just wanted to congratulate you for being the first sensible, polite, mature bloke that I have witnessed on here asking questions about joining The Paras.

    Well done, you seem to have the attitude squared away already.
  9. No offence to serving Paratroopers, I have massive respect for all special forces. BUT, if you want to be that middle-ages guy bearing a John Smiths, who is always making a scene in the British Legion after the local Remembrance service ranting and raving about how many tours he did with X para and how anyone who isn't a para is scum then sure join the Para's and be indoctrinated into their bullying, intimiating and often unimpressive mentality.

    If you want to be the more reticent, reserved guy who will spend most of the conversation actually listening to what you've got to say and will probably encourage you to join whatever serive, arm etc you want then be a Royal Marine. I have met a few *head Marines in my life but no where NEAR the same number of absolute *head paras. (equally i've met some sound para guys too).

    My point is, from what i've observed and what I observe from the public's general perceptions, the Marines teach you that you're basically a nobody in a big pond, sit back and shut up, the Paras on the other hand, they train you to tell the world how great you are and let everyone in the room know, IM A PARA.
  11. My point is. It seems that Paras go about their ways very differently to Commandos. Paras are very anecdotal and like to remind you of their military prowess, whereas Marines are more like jokers, p*takers and much more laid back and, sometimes a bit loony but often do not think of themselves as highly, or as godly, as British paratroopers.
  12. Are you the same Krankenschwester that's asking questions about AOSB Briefing on the ossifers forum?
    For those of you that don't know, it's German for nurse...
  13. Yes Good point, I'm not really bias I would like to be an officer but its just what I observe.
  14. Ja, du bist korreckt, er hat einen regenshirm, weil es regnet!
  15. Oh boy oh boy. I'm getting my head down...