Deception Point - The Book, I.M. Weapons & Insect Spies...

Anyone read Dan Brown's excellent book 'Deception Point'? interesting note at the beginning that he claims ALL the technology he mentions is actually being used by certain Militaries, the Insect Spies (microbots) is well known but the I.M. Weapons seem a little far fetched but in a weird way, believable! the use of the surrounding natural materials either in Arctic/Desert or Underwater, as unbelievable as they sound there may actually be something in this... anyone heard of such a thing in the R&D stage? The Exaclibur Munition is now in use and many other Guuchi Hi-Tech Weapons are currently in the R&D stage so maybe weapons that can use surrounding materials and convert them to a kind of a bullet are feasible! 8O

Anyway, it's a Right Rivetting Read at least...
Dan Brown has a bit of a thing for confusing artistic licence with fact. Take the infamous Da Vinci Code for example, that starts off with the usual claim of "all descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents ... and secret rituals in this novel are accurate"; this however, is disputed by almost all academics & experts.

Ill agree that Deception Point is probably the best of his books so far. The book opening with the statement that ""All technologies described in this novel exist", defiantly adds to the intrigue. Although he may be telling the truth, I would take it with a pinch of salt.

...If you work through his series I would read Digital Fortress last. I found it lacking in pretty much all areas.
I found the novel interesting, but despite the note at the front couldn't help thinking "this is bullshit" whenever he mentioned some of the more outlandish innovations (such as the IM weapons).

Perhaps they do exist, but as Brown also seems to think that Opus Dei is actually the Pope's personal hit squad rather than a bunch of elderly monks I won't be betting my pension on it.
Pinch of salt lads...

A good read recently was World War 2.1

Check it out :D

Kind of like Philadelphia Experiment but better.

By Philadelphia experiment I don't mean sitting around with snacks and cheese ladies.
chamooooone said:
Dont know about the weapons but i agree its a quality read. best of the 4 IMHO
I thought it was the worse one personally. Boring and lagging. The best read is Angels and Demons, then Da Vinci Code, followed by Digital Fortress and then Deception Point.
War 2.1 bonk with some mad touches :)
Prince harry in the sas

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