Decent Winter Boots? (sorry, another boot thread)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crabby, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. I'm on a search and rescue team and 80% of the time my Lowa Mountains are perfect for the job.

    However this last week has been particularly cold; below -20 and the snow is still knee-waist deep. I've been finding my feet getting too cold when on extended jaunts that include time just standing around.

    Does anyone know of a really good boot make/model that will be just like my Lowa Mountains, only warmer? A decent 20mm of thinsulate would probably be fine in terms of extra lining - though was thinking I'd be better off with the slightly higher leg of the combat style boot. Anyone got experience of a decent set of boots that might work for me?
  2. Where are you based?
  3. How about trying some adidas Jerusalem.

  4. East Coast of Canada. The windchill when it's -20 makes it feel like -30 which is... interesting. Most of my kit's pretty decent, but I've always had slightly dodgy circulation to my feet and could do with slightly warmer boots.
  5. Miendle Burma pro, I have never been down to -20 in them but they have been the best I have had, not cheap though. Good sole, lace lock, decent leather
  6. Tried the ProBoots? They were designed for cold weather operations.
  7. Just a thought but how about better socks and maybe gaiters on top?
  8. Try Neoprene bootliners/socks they always worked for me
  9. Try berghaus yeti gaiters. You need the proper boot. Wear them under your overtrousers in those conditions. Brilliant kit. Had mine 20 years.
  10. Currently on decent merino wool socks with seal skinz over. Gaiters over the boots and lower trousers. If I could get away without spending £100-£200 on another set of boots I'd be all for it!
  11. Hi Crabby,
    A lot of bucks I know, however these are sopposedly some of the best boots you can get for what you want.
    I was Ice Climbing in the Rockies last winter, and all the Guides swore by these for a winter boot.
    I own a lesser model in the range,The Makalu, good boots, but I did suffer with cold feet hanging around doing Belays or waiting on the face for No2 to climb. It was -25/-30 mind.

    Hope this helps
  12. Thanks - those look pretty much spot on for what I need. -20 really is frigging cold! I'd looked at "Baffin boots", but they seemed more for mincing around in -20 and not be overly active - was concerned my feet would sweat too much when on searches. I'll have to religiously save my beer tokens for the next couple of months, maybe get some a bit cheap in the end of year sales and have them for next year.
  13. As I said, my feet only got cold when standing around waiting or belaying. On the walk in and out were fine, but I`m that unfit, I generate a lot of heat when moving.
    As MSR would say ask your PSI (Outdoors shop, boot dept)

    Edited to add, the model I was refering to was the Nepal as being highly recommended
  14. go with the Lowa GTX boots, Combat or Mountain; great for price vs quality