Decent Wine Recommendations Only.

I would never sully my tastebuds with "wine" with a screw top. It's a no from me.
What a lot of nonsense, proven fact modern bottles of wine far less likely to cork with a screwtop or a plastic (I'll call it a ) cork
It isn't mandatory that you have a "proper" cork in a wine bottle , but do feel free to carry on drinking whatever wine you prefer


Depends on what you like


Vouvray , very drinkable the bottle is gone before you know it.


Any of the better Beaujolais,, Morgon or Brouilly, really nice taste as reasonable prices.
Vacqueras.. comes from the same place as Chateau Neuf de Pape, a third of the price but every bit as good.

There are some nice Scottish and Irish wines, run of the mill Bushmills is an everyday Irish one, a good all rounder. The best of the Scottish, to my palate, is Bunnahabhain.

All the best
I used to be a little biased against screwtops when I was working and used to be entertained to lunches/dinners etc where salesmen in efforts to try & impress me used to buy quite expensive wines, to such an extent I got quite a taste for good Burgundies both red & white. As I was earning a reasonable salary I could afford the odd bottle at home and actually went on holiday one year touring both the Champagne region & Burgundy staying a few nights in Rheims & The Montrachet hotel in Puligny Montrachet & buying several cases of two of my favourite wines to bring back, Chambolle Musigny, a very good red & Puligny Montrachet a lovely white.
Sadly that was over 20 years ago & those wines consumed with great pleasure not long after. My income is now limited to my pensions and a lot lower and I no longer get entertained by Salesmen on company expenses but once or twice a year will I spoil myself by buying one of those to enjoy as they start off at £40+ per bottle.
I now find my regular consumption is a good bottle of Cote de Rhone @ c £5/£6 with the odd bottle of chateauneuf du pape @ c £15/£20 & a house Chablis for the whites @ c £10/£15 a bottle.
The CdR are mainly screwcaps and non the worse for that but I have had the odd bottle of Cndp with a dodgy cork which break up when opening.
I've been t France in the motorhome couple of times a year for the last half dozen years
I used to go a bit wild at the supermarket s just before returning and stocking up on vino, usually pretty cheap but drinkable shit, and a couple of decent bottles . I have been pretty disappointed,
I did a repair on my nephews daughters car a few years ago and he gave me a decent bottle of chateaux nuf for helping her out, he reckons he paid about 200€ ,I believe he wasn't bullshitting
I told my sister , his mum " God sake Beagle , you didn't just drink it did you? "...she was shocked I'd even opened it, I have to say, it was opened , allowed to breath for a very long time and come up to temperature, and it was superbly nice and Doris and me took about 3 hours to sip our way through it, thing is , firstly remembering what year it was , a nd trying to find another , and thinking , would i.really buy another bottle of wine for that price regardless how good it was
Also had a really excellent and very expensive bottle of French 10 years ago in Las Vegas compliments of the casino , after the win , when they gave us loads of comps ( free dinner, spa days for the girls etc)just to have copyright of my photo on the winners board,
Still.prefer new world wines though
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I'm not much of a wine connoisseur but I don't drink absolute sh ite. I generally buy this from Morrisons. On offer at the moment for £18 which works out at £4.50 / bottle. It's quite good.

Had this last night , £6 from ASDA , could be cheaper where you come from , but you don't have the bastard Scottish government shoving minimum pricing and no deals where alcohol is concerned
anyway , I thought it was very pleasant , very fruity and rich , quite viscous , and it went down no problems at all

I recommend this to the collective... View attachment 424855
Mrs and her mates drink bloody gallons of that.
Bought 6 bottles of Chilean Cab Sauv on a special from Lidl on weekend....... 6 for the price of 4 for under £18, then 6 French Chardonnay, on special, for £18, both very drinkable.

I'd have gone round several times for more, but my bloody knee was giving me grief.
I thought this Thread deserved a reboot (as I was chugging a half-decent white Rioja) and so for some of us here I give you a blast from 1995, the MILF who was studying Maths at Oxford ..... but really taught us Wine

Jancis Robinson

This should be the entire Series