Decent Wine Recommendations Only.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Ventress, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Any info graftefully recieved.
  2. I would move to spain our wine is very cheap in comparison to the UK and is included in the price with quite a lot of restaurant meals.
  3. Marlborough Isabel sauvignon blanc....lush!! And the only wine i've ever been able to taste something other than 'wine' when drinking it! Really strong lychee flavours and smells!
  4. Are you building up a cellar, or do you have a particular meal/occasion etc to buy for? This would make it easier to recommend.
  5. Has to be good old Buckfast.

    Liquid Prosiac
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  6. Just to drink, or to eat with something?
  7. Just ask a simple question, my life is not long enough to answer that. A good wine, there are millions of them from Rioja to Retsina,some go well with red meat others with fruit ect it is an un-answerable question,please be more specific.
  8. At the risk of sounding like some celebrity wine-w*nker may I suggest the following steps?

    1. Go to Tesco.

    2. Look for any of the following Reds: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage, Grenache or combinations thereof.

    3. See if any of the above are on special offer, you can usually find one or two at half-price so look to spend about £4.99 or so or knocked down by 2 or 3 quid.

    4. Buy a couple of bottles, spend about £20 or so on a selection.

    5. Take home and drink, repeat over a month or so.

    I guarantee you will find a couple of wines that you really enjoy amongst the above. Red wine is a bit of an acquired taste, unlike many whites like Chardonnay or Liebfraumilch for example, which can be quite sweet and user friendly. Reds are well worth persevering with however. The first gob-full can taste a bit strong but once your palate has gotten over the initial taste you'll find it improves remarkably. If at the end of two or three glasses you really don't like it then don't buy that one again and move on to another, though preferably not on the same night! :)

    Recommendation? Try Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cab.Sav, very nice indeed, usually about £8 but very often on offer at about £6 or so. :D
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  9. Further to my last, as a rule don't be tempted by anything which is normally sold at less than four quid or so. Apparenty it costs £2 to just put the stuff in the bottle anyway, so what you're drinking really is cheap slop.
  10. Good advice from Jaeger.

    I like dry whites personally - frascati, chablis, pinot grigio. Look to spend around a fiver. Personally I can recommend the chablis from M&S, or the Sainsburys frascati superiore.
  11. I have a great liking for

    Wolf Blass President's Selection Cabernet Sauvignon a truly nice wine at around £15 a bottle.

    Presidents Selection

    Edited after seeing Jaeger's post:

    If you're in Tesco try their Sicilian Red, it really is a very drinkable wine. Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet Sauvignon is also a great wine but I, personally, think the Presidents has more occasion.
  12. I dont agree with you very often but Wolf Blass President is pure nectre
    But I realy love Faustino VII Rioja with a rare steak
  13. If you're after something a bit special, try these.

    Don't be put off by the mega expesive stuff, There are some exellent buys for under £50.00

    Like I said if it's for a special occasion this site is very good. All their bottles come beautifuly packaged.
  14. I had an excellent bottle of Faustino something-or-other in a restaurant in Fuertaventura a few years back and wish I could remember which one it was, I shall now start to experiment with Spanish wine again, and Sicilian too after the recommendation above! :D
  15. I agree with some of the posters here. Wolf Blass make some excellent wines.

    Their Red label Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon is excellent.

    As alluded to by Jaeger,
    go to Tesco and try what they have reduced and grab a few bottles and have a play and see what you like.
    His 1-5 is a good idea.

    They have some excellent wines on offer at the moment.

    Another good one is Marlborough Pinot Noir. Daaaaaaaaaamn Fruity Sir :D

    Cheers N_W