Decent Webbing

Apologies if this is in the wrong place but i'm looking to purchase some webbing as the stuff we have been issued is pretty sparse and I will be required to purchase some additional pouches so why not use this as an excuse to buy some new/2nd hand stuff.

Basically I have been looking at the airborne stuff from ContactLeft on Ebay and was wondering if anyone had some decent advice or if anyone had some of their old kit they were looking to sell and on that note, is there an area for selling used kit on this forum.

I'd be happy to go second hand as I dont want to pay a bundle unless i absolutely have to, however I dont want to end up with a bundle of crap for 25quid.

Any help would be great and if I have re-posted or posted in the wrong place please let me know. I did look around and search but all i could find was specific threads on custom webbing!


Just buy a few extra pouches for PLCE. Job jobbed, without spending £100 on something which isn't much better but has the word "Airborne" in the name.
Thanks for the suggestion.
I assumed "airborne" referred to the type of buckle and the fact that all pouches were joined to the hip-pad?

No, that would be custom webbing with a roll pin buckle. Airborne is often just a marketing gimmick used to bump up the price of what can sometimes be very ropey kit indeed (although to be fair, there are manufacturers out there who do very good customised airborne webbing; they are not cheap either, but you do get what you pay for).

The cheaper option is to buy your roll pin buckle and hip pad separately and attach them, then cable tie the lot together to stop it moving around. Much cheaper, and when something breaks you just take it off, exchange it and put the new one back on.

[/tight arrse]

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