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Decent War Books on Kindle?

Hi all,

Got a shiny gift voucher off the outlaws for Amazon. Finished a load of stuff on my Kindle lately and need some new reading material. Anyone spotted anything War/Techno-Thriller like on the Kindle book list?

Not war books more adventure but i had wilbur smith on my kindle and thoroughly enjoyed them the ones about the courtneys in south africa the first is called When the lion feeds really riveting and i continued on buying the following books as i enjoyed em so much
Try John Birmingham's Axis of Time trilogy, it's World War 2/ Alternate History/ Technothriller. I'm half way through the second book of the three and loving it!
I just bought a book for Kindle by Major Winters (Band of Brothers etc.). I have not read it yet but thought that, for 99p I couldn't go too far wrong.

How about War & Peace ???
George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman series is now available on Kindle. So it's possible to work your way through the whole collection - although doing so back to back may possibly expose some slight sameness about the plots.

Annoyingly his other works have not yet been Kindled.

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