Decent Undercrackers?

Ok first of all I'd like to apologise if this is in the wrong forum...

Here's my dilema: I plan to run my local half marathon in March and I need some decent underwear to keep my spuds in place. The problem is I currently only own your bog standard type from Tescos or Asda and they are just not cut out for those long distance runs, with all the chaffing and such like. So in all seriousness, does anybody have any advice/reccomendations on decent underwear that's designed for more practical sporting usage that won't cost me an arm and a leg?
Under armour kegs is wot i use
Any compression shorts, also good for tabbing. I use Nike pro because thats what the shop had when I went to get them but I imagine theyre all much the same.
That sports soccer direct does a pair of compression shorts (karrimor) for 6 quid.
primark to an elasticated trunk there slightly ribbed i have about 20 pairs in various colours the look like cycling shorts there £3 a pair they ware well and are fairly high fitting which is good for tabbing as they dont ride down


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Just make sure that you look at the little picture on the back of the packet as I thought that I had bought six pairs of elasticated trunk type boxers, only to find on opening the packet, that I had bought 6 pairs of budgie smuggling briefs that even the most flamboyantly homosexual Italian would balk at wearing.
Thanks all. I'll take a look into the above advice but would you say compression shorts are more comfortable compared with your standard type?
In that they wont be wringing wet and trying to wedge themselves up your arse by the 4 mile point when running, tabbing or on patrol, yes. For sitting around the office not really, although theyre fine for that too if thats your bag.

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karrimor do running shorts with inner mesh lining, sports soccer do them for 7 quid ish ive ran 6 miles with no bad effect ( i don't run further unless they make me)

found these to be excellent...someone from this forum recommended them a while back.. he'd taken them with him on tour, and said they were pretty good.
I wear them under bike leathers in summer and the hottest part of the year, and find them to be really comfy.
And at that price for 2 pairs.. good value.
Not all m&s stores stock them, so you may have to order them into the store.. but that only takes a couple of days.

These are good as a base layer as well..
Some female brands do the biz..... errr... so I was reliably informed. Just don't get run over.
They do say that the ladies are very impressed by a large King Edward pushed into the compression shorts to "enhance" things......

Don't forget though, it is considered more effective if you push it down the FRONT of your shorts.

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