Decent Telemech Postings

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Gweve, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Im stuck at 7Bde, which like most places is shite for mechs. Is there anywhere left where a mech can still do his job? I've heard about this 10 sigs thing but I've heard nothing for sure.
  2. With the new comms system being integrated at 2 Sigs, I'd suggest that's not a bad place to start!! I'm sure that DCCIS could do with a few good mechs to train the next generation of mechs - why not volunteer for there..............?


  3. K Troop Wildenrath.
  4. Cheers Ghost.

    I know a couple of mechs at 2 sigs so I'll give them a bell and see what they say.
  5. You could do worse than try 10 Sigs. The CPO (Comms Project Office) is very busy doing installations for operational theatres. I have no doubt they will be busy as the build up for Afghanistan. Get your FofS to find out, OC of the CPO is a TOT so he should know the score.
  6. No such thing as a Telemech :wink: check your CEQ :roll:

    All the good posts have gone, enjoy Cyprus while you can before DFTS fully sinks its teeth in. 10 offer a fair range of skill employment and theatres, ok for the short term. Long term though go down the Cormorant route if you can as that is where the future may possibly lay for this trade as its days are well and truly numbered.
  7. They still got H Troop with 255?
  8. Yes. V cute Tp OC! :D
  9. Gweve don't listen to Disco, except for the bit about the CEQ. 10 Sigs is one of the few places where you will use all your trade skills (structured cabling, UG, PLOH etc.) and with the current policy of using commercial off the shelf solutions for prolonged ops the future of the trade is very healthy and the skills are very much in demand, just read the SOinC's liaison notes Nov 2005 paragraph 6.

    If you want to come to 10 Sigs you don't need to do anything because as part of the plan to brigade the majority of Inst Techs (SOinC's liaison notes Nov 2005 paragraph 16 section b) all the current Inst Tech posts in the div's and bde's will be closed and be re-established at 10 Sigs after 1st April this year. All those individuals currently in these posts will be posted to 10 Sigs on completion of their current tours.
  10. DCTO at Henlow is a decent posting. Mainly CAT 5 and Fibre installations, with a bit of UG thrown in now and again. Tasks can last between 1 day and upto 2 months, generally not longer than that. Its a joint unit (work with RAF). But to Quote Geordie Bloke on a similar thread -

    "Henlow for a tele mech is the mutts nuts posting, always busy and constantly away. The LSSA pays for your divorce on your return so can't be bad"

    Just something to bear in mind if you don't like living out of a bag for nine months of the year.
  11. Thats interesting.......

    Cheers for the input and advice guys!
  12. What about 39 Inf Bde. Structured cabling and rigging, and you get extra pay
  13. As part of the normalisation process in Ireland all the signals elements currently based there, 15 Sigs, 213 Sig Sqn and 218 Sig Sqn will be scaled down into one general support signal squadron which will be part of 10 Sigs. So like I said in my original post if you're an Instl Tech 10 Sigs is the place to be.

    Points to note: NI pay and the awarding of the GSM will cease once the normalisation process has been completed next summer.
  14. 39 is currently taking soldiers from 15 as it disbands and later this year 218 as it goes but the majority will be posted out. 39 will then change to support the new light Bde that comes over 2007. I couldnt predict if any Inst tech slots will remain post Aug 07. If they have already been moved from 19 Mech then probably not.

    The news of a support Sqn under 10 is news to me, where did you get that from DBP?
  15. Future Structure 10 Sig Regt brief. To be implemented from 1st April this year and to include amongst other things the establishment of NI GS Sig Sqn (numerical designation as yet undecided) to be based at Lisburn and the re-establishment of 225 Sig Sqn as an EW (Force Protection) Sqn possibly located at Corsham.