Decent tailors to send stuff away to?

Can anybody recommend a good quality tailors to send kit away to? Need to get the Crossed Swords and my chevrons tailored to a PTI dive top (also the crease stitched in) and due to a mixture of the Bn tailor being too busy / seen some real gash handiwork, means I am looking to send it away for tailoring?

If I could find somebody decent, got other bits and bobs will need doing in the future.

Thanks in advance.

Also, if there are any PTIs viewing this, whats the score with indenting for the red belt through the system rather than having to pay £12 plus postage or whatever the RAPTC PRI charges?
Mess dress .com in bournemouth... Anton will square you away.

As for the belt, buy it you pikey fekka. No one told you to do the course, and you'll spend years poncing in the gym looking at your self in mirrors. So fork out your hard earned beer tokens (you wont need them for beer tokens will you?).
Save your money, get it through the QMs.

Belt Waist Red - NSN: 8440-99-138-3876

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