Decent stand-up ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AJ1992, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. AJ1992

    AJ1992 Old-Salt

    Anyone know of any decent stand up DVDs of the recent ?
  2. Mickey Flanagan, Out out tour.
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  3. Jimmy Carr's a good recommendation
  4. Ultima

    Ultima Old-Salt

    Kevin Bridges.

    You won't regret buying that man.
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  5. I went to see him live and I was bitterly disappointed...ok, he was shite!

    I was gutted as I expected so much. It was the same as Frankie Boyle, very shite.
  6. Ultima

    Ultima Old-Salt

    Frankie Boyle is good the first time you see him, then it's just the same old crap in a different order.
  7. AJ1992

    AJ1992 Old-Salt

    Ginger **** only talks about raping African babies !
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    anything by stewart lee or richard herring.
  9. Ultima

    Ultima Old-Salt

    Like i said, good the first time XD

    If you ain't seen Kevin Bridges man, go with that.
  10. Roy Chubby Brown is quiet these days, is he still touring?
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  11. Greg Davies was quite a good one. Called firing cheeseballs at a dog
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  12. AJ1992

    AJ1992 Old-Salt

    Last I heard he was boo'd off the stage somewhere for being utter shite lol
  13. Dara O Briain was very good on the last tour and I think the DVD's now out. It's called Craic Dealer, if I remember rightly.
  14. The Hat

    The Hat Swinger

    Micky Flanagan is outstanding. The rise in teenage pregnancy is only due to the lack of fingering !
  15. Reginald D Hunter, his DVD "Trophy ni**er" is hilarious. Saw him live earlier this year as well, he's a top bloke and very funny.