Decent Pubs in London

Discussion in 'Travel' started by treborre, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone recommend any decent pubs in London where I can get a decent pint of real ale. I am staying at the UJ Club and and would prefer pubs north of the river. Cheers for your help :D
  2. The Green man and French Horn just off Trafalgar square. Had a selection of ales last time I was there (September).
    It's a long thin bar and you can usually find somewhere to sit quietly and read the paper if you're on your own.
    They do bar snacks which I thought were pretty good.

    54, St. Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4EA

    The listing says TV and Jukebox but I don't remember noticing either. Maybe it's changed.

    There are a few good pubs around there and towards Covent garden. Have a walk around.

    Chin Chin!
  3. Princess Louise in High Holborn, City of York towards Chancery Lane tube and Melton Mowbray beyond Chancery Lane tube if memory serves me
  4. Wrong side of river again but Greenwich has a few good ale houses namely Gypsy moth near the Cutty Sark.Also teaming with fadge and well out of range of the crusty demonstrating types,Admiral Nelsons a good one as well.Use the foot tunnel. :wink:
  5. Pop through the park to Wilton Row and the Grenadier...
  6. hear hear :) very good pub
  7. Try the Kings Arms in Roupell St just round the corner from the UJ....haven't been there in ages but the Lamb and Flag (Leicester Sq/Covent Garden area I think) used to be good
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The Chandos (next to St Martins in the Fields) is quite good, as is the Silver Cross on Whitehall. I agree about the Green Man & French Horn.
  9. The John Snow in Soho - can't remember the street exactly, but you go down Poland Street from Oxford Street until you reach the end, and it's on your right. Single brewery, but decent selection of beers - and it's insanely inexpensive.

    If you want really north of the river, then The Flask and The Angel in Highgate both have an eclectic selection, although you'll find large numbers of foreign beers stocked, and fewer real ales.

    If you really want real ale - you're in completely the wrong place. I go foreign in London, as most UK beer served there isn't worth the effort (or the £3.50 you get charged).
  10. For a top drinking experience (but wine , not beer) go to Gordon's Wine Bar:

    Otherwise, I agree with many of the recommendations above. The Cittie of Yorke is a top "heritage experience" in terms of the interior of the pub. The Coach and Horses (not yet mentioned by anyone else) on Greek St in Soho was always good for a top pint of Youngs (in the days of Norman Balon (RIP)). That was many years ago, though.

    The Lamb on Lambs Conduit Street is another good Youngs pub plus historic interior.

    Check out Camra's Good Beer Guide.

    And enjoy your drinking!
  11. The Angel, right beside the back entrance to M.o.D. St. Giles Court, back end of Tottenham Court Road (near Centre Point) smashing pint of Courage Directors on hand pull.
  12. A top drinking experience that excludes beer? :wink:

    I was in a grim northern pub once and asked for the round and finally I asked for a glass of red wine.

    The barman replied "Does this pub look like the kind that sells fucking red wine"

    To which I politely replied................. "and one more Carslberg please"