Decent Pub or B&B Accomodation in Warminster ?

Hi Guys,

Am going to be at Fairford Airshow at the weekend with 58 junior. AM going to take him to the FAA Museum on Monday as a treat. Just done the AA Autoroute and its 85 miles and Warminster is about halfway. Has anybody got any names of any decent Pubs or B&B in Warminster and any recommondations of somewhere nice to eat there on a Sunday night ?

Could google it but guess I would get a better insight here.

Thanks in advance 58
There was a good pub in the village of Upton Scudamore when i was last there in 2005. It's only a couple of miles from Warminster. Forget the name but did good food. Personnaly i'd avoid the centre of warminster like the plague, but thats just me! Not sure about B&B's though.
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