Decent pub off A1 between Doncaster & Harrogate?

Hi Everyone,
Coming back to Blighty for a holiday in the Lake District & need somewhere decent to have lunch on the way up - close to the A1 & preferably before Catterick!
Just want good food, nothing fancy...
Any ideas welcome as it's been a long time since I went that way!
Thanks in advance,

Thanks -
Anything sprog friendly (bit of space to stretch legs without being run over etc...)?


Farm shop/cafe on right just before Greta Bridge on A66.

Edit to add.
Smallways pub/ motel Large beers garden & kid play area about a mile before the above but on a junction & on the left.
Thanks very much Jarrod & Oldbaldy -
Means I won't have the duty driver whinging about the c**p "cuisine anglaise" which he usually does when we go to a m'way service station for lunch! :roll:

Breakfast stop on the Thetford road at the truck stop (bacon butty & NATO standard tea- yum!) & then a decent lunch thanks to ARRSE. :D

Tenner in the ARRSE fund if Frog doesn't complain, £15 if there's a compliment! :lol:
Thanks but accommodation sorted - advice on local brews to try would be welcome though... do you get Theakstons there or is there some other local brewery that's worth a try?
Just back from holiday & would like to say thanks to all for the advice.
The winning tip was sent by pm & was just perfect! The place near Rotherham - thanks mate, good address! :clap:
It elicited a "Not bad" from the Frog 8O
& a "thank the Brown Jobs for me" from Dad (ex RN) :wink:
So that's £20 in the ARRSE fund for saving me hours of whingeing about English cuisine!
"Murky buckets" as they say down here! :D
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