Decent priced Kit Insurance?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by darkknight, Jul 23, 2005.

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  1. I have cover for my Kit through Abacus, but since I had the sheer audacity to buy a laptop they decided to put my premium up about £200 a year, which quite obviously sucks. Any other covers recommended, bearing in mind I am a dirty stinking singly :D
  2. Yeh, i have insurance with the naafi. they are really good, and they will cover your stuff anywhere. So if you are a singley (like me) and have stuff stored all over the place, thats covered too.

    When i bought my laptop, my insurance only went up about £2 a month. They even cover your kit when it's in transit between postings or going to tours.

    Hope thats of some help.
  3. Cheers gado. I always thought NAAFI used to be a rip off though. I'll take a look at their prices.
  4. I have insurance through Pax. Very reasonable, and covers Lap top and mountain bike. Also covered my kit when we arms plotted, no drama's no fuss.
  5. Hi Darknight – do take a look at our Kit & Contents Insurance and get a quote… you might be pleasantly surprised!

    Our policy covers:

    · World-wide cover provided for:
    o kit & service equipment
    o personal possessions
    o contents in the home
    o personal money and credit cards
    o liability

    · "New for old" settlement

    · In transit cover

    · In storage cover

    · Immediate cover

    · Premiums can be paid monthly

    · And if you have our Kit and Contents Insurance, take advantage of a 10% discount on Motor Insurance and a 20% discount on Travel Insurance.

    · Free cover for New Recruits.

    To get a quote, just give us a quick call on 00800 76 76 77 77 free from the UK and Germany, or +44 1603 205 209 from the rest of the world. Alternatively, click here to enter your details and a member of the NAAFI Financial team will call you back.
  6. I too have kit insurance with Abacus and my monthly payments doubled just for having a laptop!
  7. Im insured with Towergate Wilsons, i think they're quite a small company. I'm TA and my cover costs about £65, it'll obviously be more for regs but seems cheap to me so might be worth a look. They treated me really well with my policy, they covered me before i'd payed or even signed anything because they couldn't get the form to me in time, when i got back, the form was waiting with a letter saying i was covered and asking if i could fill out the form and send them a cheque.
  8. For Naafi Financial, are kit and contents and car insurance available to RFA Personnel as well as Full UK forces people?
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Remember, there are never any dramas or fuss until the first claim goes in. Basically you get what you pay for. Check thoroughly what you are getting for your hard earned.
  10. Sounds like you are speaking from experience Auld Yin? Have you had a shocker with one of the above mentioned?

    (Joker wanders off to try and find that damned policy document and to find out that he is only covered in the event of the claim occuring when Saturn is waxing in Taurus and hell has installed an air conditioning unit... )

  11. hi i have my kit through towngate and wilson, i have all my kit insured which also includes anything up to the value of a grand. i chose this as you don`t have to pay out as much of the others with only having to pay 20quid of the claim. i had no worries mate, with these i had mates who go through the naafi as well but the premiums seem the same but they have to pay 50quid before the payout.
  12. It seems that when you contact insurance companies for kit insurance and mention the word 'military', they see pound signs flashing in their eyes and quote a ridiculous amount - £419-00 per year from Naafi, PLUS an extra 11% charge for the privilege of paying by direct debit. I only want to insure my kit, not buy it all over again!

    Can anyone suggest a REASONABLE company for kit insurance, and not the jokers at Naafi (who also quoted me £1300 for car insurance as opposed to £300 from esure)?
  13. yea towergate wilsons are top. £63.98 for TA, can't be too excessive for regs, their number is 0116 240 7777.
  14. i'm paying 19 pounds a month with abacus which i think is far to much. Whats the average prices everyone else pays monthly, and has anyone got a contact number for abacus so i can cancel my cover.