Decent Podcasts?


War Hero
I use Podcast Addict on an Android phone. I do have one problem with it and that is when I listen via BT in the car and then switch the engine off, it should disconnect and pause the podcast. I find that it continues playing and when I come back later I have either missed bits or the podcast episode has finished and a new one started.
Just getting into podcasts and am interested to know what (Android) apps people use.

The adds on the free version are less annoying than Youtube. The application includes a skip forward 15 seconds function, so when the audio cues for an advert break occur, you just tap that three or four times and you're back listening to the podcast.
My smart watch links in and allows me to control it remotely as well, including the all important skip function.

My only real moan is very rarely the Application can get confused about what's meant to be next and can dump you somewhere random in the podcast episode list. Oh and managing your favourite channels can be a little bit clunky, but those are relatively minor complaints.

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