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decent place to stay?

I'm panning on leaving the sunshine state sometime between Jan and March next year and coming over to the mother-country to join up. I've had a gander at London and its a bit pricey so any ideas on where i should base myself for the recruitment process?

I'd like it to be as cheap as possible (don't mind sluming it in a backpackers) while still allowing me to keep the fitness up without worrying about getting carved up by the local hoodies. The place being generally pleasant and interesting wouldn't hurt either i suppose.

also, how easy is it to grab casual/part-time employment ?(labouring, bar tending, what ever) i'm not really keen on sitting on my arse for 3-6 months.




Book Reviewer
muzz, I've not long moved to London from manchester - found a really nice room in a shared house here - www.spareroom.co.uk - free to register and use. They do flats, houseshares - you should be able to find somewhere nice for £100/week or thereabouts (which is pennies for london). As for bartending, if you know what you're doing I might be able to put you in touch with a few people. (please dont think I'm being funny - a friend down here is working in that area as a recruitment manager right now, but they're desperate to move into another area, so I dont want to make any promises I cant deliver). pm me if theres anything I can do.

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